Performance Testing Load Impact: Part 1

At Load Impact, we build a tool that helps you understand and continuously keep track of your application’s performance at varying levels of traffic.

Our software does this by simulating virtual users interacting with your application. (It's pretty cool, if you ask us and thousands of our users )

Simply put: Load Impact is a performance testing service.

I have worked for Load Impact since its founding, and I’m going to share how we use the tool ourselves.

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New Feature: Interpret Load Testing Results Faster with URL Grouping

We’ve come across more and more engineers who utilize dynamic URLs throughout their websites and applications over the last year.

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Webinar: The Potential of Serverless Computing, hosted by Donald Ferguson and Load Impact

We're hosting a webinar Oct. 3 with accomplished engineer Donald Ferguson on the burgeoning serverless computing revolution. Join us!

“Serverless computing” is being hyped as the new dream for developers, but what can we really expect from this relatively young concept?

Donald Ferguson, the only person to be named Technical Fellow at IBM, Microsoft and Dell, respectively, is leading a course on serverless technology at Columbia University this fall.

In this webinar, Donald will lend his perspective on serverless computing and give examples of how to design your development lifecycle around this exciting new technology.

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Performance Testing Vs. Performance Tuning

Performance testing is often mistaken for performance tuning. The two are related, but they are certainly not the same thing. To see what these differences are, let’s look at a quick analogy.

Most governments mandate that you bring your vehicles to the workshop for an inspection once a year. This is to ensure that your car meets the minimum safety standards that have been set to ensure it is safe for road use.

A website performance test can be likened to a yearly inspection — It ensures that your website isn’t performing terribly and should perform reasonably well under most circumstances.

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Don’t Underutilize These 5 Amazing HTTP Performance Features

This post originally appeared on the Nordic APIs Blog, a leading resource of knowledge on the API industry. Nordic APIs holds conferences and publishes high impact thought pieces on web APIs, forming a community of API experts.

Subscribe to the Nordic APIs digest for a weekly dosage of API strategy, as well as news on upcoming Nordic APIs events and seminars.

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Webinar: Load Impact and ThoughtWorks on API Performance Testing

ThoughtWorks is one of the largest and most successful software consultancies in the world. That’s why we’re really excited to co-host our next webinar with one of their talented QA Consultants.

Srinivas Murty of ThoughtWorks will be discussing the finer points of API performance testing at 1 p.m. ET September 13.

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The Road to Microservices: Part 2

In part one of this series, we started defining the problem we are solving. Essentially, we are trying to leverage Docker and DevOps tools to ensure our decentralized team can release faster and with less centralized synchronisation. Before we dive into software choices, we have to talk about the elephant in the room.

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2 Ways to Introduce Randomness in Load Tests

Realism in your load testing scripts is paramount to collecting actionable performance data. You need your scripts to closely simulate real-world behavior, and that means every user is going to have different login credentials and spend varying amounts of time on each page.

One of the best ways to create a realistic user scenario and load test is to introduce randomness into your scripts.

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Performance Testing for the 2016 Olympics

The 2016 Summer Olympics will be the most-watched television event in the world for two weeks.

The engineering team at USA Gymnastics knew it was time to ramp up performance testing, and Load Impact is proud to partner with them to make sure their website and infrastructure will be ready to handle the prolonged uptick in traffic.

USA Gymnastics improved average load times on its most important pages by nearly 100 percent across the board, and they got there by analyzing data from their Load Impact tests.

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A Performance Lesson from Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go had serious performance issues upon release, but it looks like they’ve overcome those en route to becoming arguably the most popular game in the world in 2016.

Now ask yourself, would my application be able to recover from bad performance and pull off a similar feat?

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