It's Really About Helping You Achieve Peak Performance

Sure, Load Impact provides a SaaS application for performance testing websites, web apps and APIs. And we have some industry-first capabilities, such as our recently announced Load Impact Insights Performance Alerts. And, the goal is to enable you to deliver higher performing software to market faster and at lower cost.

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Webinar: Automated Load Testing Results Analysis

 Automated results analysis makes it easier to interpret your load test results and speeds up the process of finding and fixing performance issues. Load Impact Insights Performance Alerts pinpoint performance issues in your system under test and highlight test script issues.

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Performance Testing Throughout the Development Cycle

Here in the U.S. it’s almost Thanksgiving. That means, of course, that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not far behind. Black Friday is still a very big day for retail stores and ecommerce sites. But, as predicted, Black Friday has become “Black Fri-month” as retailers have been starting their promotions earlier and earlier to try to get a jump on the competition.

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Automated Load Testing Results Analysis

Understanding your load testing results can be a challenge. Automated results analysis can really cut down on the time you spend poring over your test data to figure out where the bottlenecks are. In our user survey, we found that automated results analysis is the second most wanted capability for a load testing solution. 

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3 Phases of a Successful Performance Testing Methodology

Successful performance testing of websites, web apps and APIs requires planning. You may want to jump in, pick a load testing tool and start testing, but let’s take some time to establish our methodology first. A software performance testing methodology requires a number of steps. Let’s break them down into 3 phases:

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Getting Started with Performance Testing, for Developers


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The Easiest Way to Create (Realistic) Load Test Scripts

So, you want to load test your website or web application to see if it will handle the expected normal and peak user traffic. How can you create a realistic test script that captures a typical user journey in your app?

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Essential API Performance and Load Testing

If you have an API, you should be load testing it. You should test it frequently and consistently.

With that out of the way, here’s why: API consumers are like your end users of a website or app. Yet unlike sites or apps, APIs don’t have front ends or usage paths to follow. Instead, assuming you’ve built the right capabilities into your API, everything comes down to performance.

So basic testing of your API is fine when you want to achieve “works on my machine”-level performance. But that isn’t enough for professional use.

Instead, you should be testing your API’s performance under load - seeing how it will perform under the stress of multiple consumers. In other words, your REST API shouldn’t spend any time resting at all.

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Webinar recording: Website Load Testing Lessons Learned - Bluestem Brands Case Study

Watch this Load Impact webinar to hear from Michael Miranda, QA Engineer at Bluestem Brands. Bluestem is the parent company for 13 E-commerce retail brands. They get more than 160 million website visits per year! Load testing has been an important part of their QA process for many years. Michael will share best practices and lessons learned from load testing their E-commerce websites.

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Azure DevOps and Load Testing

If you’re a Microsoft developer or DevOps pro, you’ve heard of Azure DevOps by now. Here, we’ll talk about what Azure DevOps is and how your essential load testing fits in.

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