tech taskforce is invited to use our load testing services free of charge

We’re offering to provide the technology taskforce responsible for fixing the troubled website free use of our performance testing services until the Obamacare website is functioning at full capacity.

Healthcare .gov

In testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Thursday, officials of companies hired to create the website cited a lack of testing on the full system and last-minute changes by the federal agency overseeing the online enrollment system as the primary cause of problems plaguing the government exchange for President Barack Obama’s signature health care reforms.

Moreover, according to a confidential report obtained by CNN, the testing timeframes for the site were “not adequate to complete full functional, system, and integration testing activities” and described the impact of the problems as “significant.” The report stated there was “not enough time in schedule to conduct adequate performance testing” and was given the highest priority.

We know that there’s really nothing new in the failure of the Obamacare site. Websites have been developed that way for years – often with the same results. But there are now new methodologies and tools changing all that. That’s why  we’ve reached out to our California representatives and all of the companies involved to let them know we’re ready to provide our stress testing services to them free of charge.

It isn’t like it used to be – this shouldn’t be hard, time consuming or expensive. You just need to recognize that load testing is something that needs to be done early and continuously throughout  the development process. It’s not optional anymore. Unfortunately, it seems they found that out the hard way. But we sincerely want to help make it work. represents hope for many Americans, and the elimination of their worst fears in medical care. Instead of whining about how incompetently has been built, we want to be part of making it work as it should and can.

2 responses to “ tech taskforce is invited to use our load testing services free of charge

  1. pcisbs doesn’t represent a hope for the people of America. Get a grip! We weren’t a third world banana republic before Obama became president! We had the best Healthcare system the world has ever known. Obamacare is Leftist Tyranny to control the citizenship and has never had anything to do with providing quality healthcare. Your repugnant description is disgraceful and an insult to the integrity of anyone with intelligence.

    • You may be right. We’re not trying to take a political stance or pass judgment on the the ideology behind it. But clearly it’s important to a lot of people. We just want to offer help in delivering a solution – as imperfect as that solution might be.

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