Better Testing with Visual Studio for Developers and DevOps: Webinar Recap

Posted by Grant Engle on Jan 27, 2017

This webinar not only shows you how to automate load testing in your CI pipeline, but you’ll also learn how Julien applies Microsoft’s best practices to the DevOps and “continuous” mindset while embracing the world of open source software.

Continuous load testing throughout the software development process improves your understanding of your website, application and infrastructure performance.When Microsoft DevOps Evangelist Julien Stroheker realized there were too many manual steps in his load testing process during a Hackfest in 2016, he set out to automate load testing and take ownership of his applications’ performance from the very beginning of every project.


The result: Julien developed and publish the Load Impact Extension on the Microsoft Visual Studio Marketplace. The extension makes it easy for developers and DevOps to programmatically trigger load tests based on build and release steps.

But enough talk about the webinar. Watch the expert presentation from Julien below, complete with a live demo. Then download the extension and give it a try.


Topics: DevOps, Performance testing, continuous delivery, continuous integration, Load Testing, continuous deployment, Microsoft Visual Studio, continuous development

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