Announcing the Load Impact API beta

Posted by Load Impact on Mar 20, 2013

We are pleased to announce the Load Impact API beta!

the API documentation site

For people who do not know what an API is, or what it is good for, our API allows you to do basically everything you can do when logged in at, like configure a load test, run a load test, download results data from a load test. But the API can be used by another program, communicating with Load Impact over the Internet. This means that a developer can write an application that will be able to use our API functionality to configure and run load tests on the Load Impact infrastructure - and this can happen completely without human involvement, if the developer chooses it.

The API is very useful for companies with a mature development process, where they e.g. do nightly builds - and run automated tests - on their software. The API allows them to include load tests in their automated test suites, and in that way monitor the performance and scalability of their application while it is being developed. This is useful in order to get an early indication that some piece of newly produced code doesn't perform well under load/stress. The earlier such problems are detected, the less risk of developers wasting time working on code tracks that don't meet the performance criteria set up for the application.

The API can also be used by other online services or applications, that want to include load testing functionality as part of the service/product, but where it is preferable to avoid building from scratch a complete load testing solution like Load Impact. They can use our API to integrate load testing functionality as part of their own product, with Load Impact providing that functionality for them.

We have created a whole new documentation section for the API at where you can find the API reference and some code examples. We will be delighted to hear from you if you are using the API, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us! Feedback or questions are very welcome!


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