On load testing and performance April-13

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What are others are saying about load testing and web performance as of now? Well, apparently more people have things to say about how to make things scale rather than how to measure it, but anyway, this is what cought our attention recently:

  • Boundary.com has a two part interview with Todd Hoff, founder of High Scalability and advisor to several start ups. Read the first part here: Facebook Secrets of web performance
  • Another insight in how the big ones are doing it is this 30 minute video from this years Pycon US. Rick Branson of Instagram talks about how they handle their load as well as the Justin Bieber effect.
  • The marketing part of the world have really started to understand how page load times affect sales as well as Google rankings. In this article Online marketing experts portent.com explains all the loops and hoops they went trough to get to sub second page load time. Interesting read indeed.
  • One of my favorite sources for LAMP related performance insights is the MySQL performance blog. In a post from last week, they explain a bit about how to use their tools to analyze high load problems.
What big load testing or web performance news did we miss? Have your say in the comments below.