We're Hiring! Front End Lead Based in Stockholm

Posted by Load Impact on Jun 5, 2014

We are looking for a front end expert to take on the role of lead front end developer for the loadimpact.com site and application, being a part of our upcoming redesign of the whole site, service and user flow.

What is loadimpact.com then?

Load Impact is the world’s most widely used online load testing service, with over 100,000 users from 190+ countries and over a million executed load tests - Google “web load test"!

The company is small but very experienced in developing applications for performance testing and monitoring. We started out as a software development consulting company way back in 2000, developing performance test and measurement software for customers such as Nasdaq and the European space agency. We wrote both hardcore, low-level networking software and high-level web user interfaces and became quite good at both of those things. We pride ourselves on understanding the lower levels of a networked application while at the same time realizing how incredibly important UX is. In 2009 we took the step and launched loadimpact.com, becoming a product company rather than a consulting company, and we have never looked back.

We are located in Stockholm, Sweden and San Francisco, USA. This job opening is in Stockholm.

This is a chance to get the best of both worlds - you get to build something practically from scratch and decide how to do things while at the same time you’re supported by a successful, global business with a very strong user base and sound financial backing. You will be part of a small and very competent dev team, using the latest and greatest technologies and working in a modern and agile environment.

Being part of a small team means you get a lot of say in what happens in general, and can influence your own work situation. As a company, we are very "flat" (no hierarchies) and that means you'll have a say in most decisions we make as a company, if you want to.

You need to be really, really good at:

HTML, CSS & Javascript

You need to be be knowledgeable about:

Usability / UI design
Common JS libraries/frameworks
Browser support/portability/quirks
Common data formats: JSON, XML
Responsive design

You should have some knowledge or experience of:

Client-side optimization (minification, sprites, lazy-loading etc)
Git / Github
SEO basics (the common-sense stuff, no black hat tricks thank you)
Common web servers: Apache, Nginx
Web analytics & growth hacking
Cloud operations (e.g. using Amazon EC2 and/or other AWS services)
Web application protocols: HTTP, HTTPS

The office is located in Stockholm, Sweden. A very scenic city, with excellent infrastructure, clean streets, low crime, many bars, fantastic coffee. A bit cool in winter, but who cares, we just buy more coffee. There is also a very vibrant tech startup scene in Stockholm, much thanks to companies like Spotify, Skype, King.com (Candy crush), Mojang (Minecraft) and others that started and are still operating here. The city is attracting more and more world-class IT entrepreneurs and developers - it is a very dynamic environment to work in, with a lot of industry colleagues to hang out with and learn from. Our office is very centrally located, by the way, with a fantastic view of the city harbour :)


photo Actual view from our desks!

How to apply:

Email your resume and info to ragnar@loadimpact.com.

We look froward to hearing from you!

Deadline July 1, 2014.

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