Consider These for Your End-of-Year Spending

Posted by Load Impact on Nov 17, 2017

Many businesses run on a calendar fiscal year. And even those that don’t often budget quarterly. No matter how your business is organized, you’re likely looking at getting some spending done before the end of the quarter. Here are a few ideas based on our experience in optimizing performance.


1. CDN

If you’re not already using a content delivery network (CDN), it’s time to give one a try. You can choose any provider, including those as part of the “big three” cloud services providers: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS). We’ve also heard good things from our clients using CloudFlare (and it includes DNS services too).

If you’re not using one, budget now for a Q1 trial period and see how you might optimize your site’s performance. It may sound cliched, but performance is dramatically improved when you watch the size, compression and speed of assets (video, audio, etc.). The caching a CDN can provide might make a big difference to your site speed.

2. Image Compression

It seems like we’ve run a million YSlow analyses. And it seems like we’ve gotten a million recommendations back to compress images. We know this. We’ve known this for decades. We can all get better at it

For your second shopping idea, maybe it’s time to try a service that optimizes your images for you. We’ve been there: you’re busy doing your day job when new content comes in, an inventory refresh, a pile of photos that need to be on the site right now. You think, “I’ll just upload them now and optimize later,” but for most of us, later never comes.

Consider checking out an image optimizing service like the cool API at, or the API/WordPress double-hit at Shortpixel.

3. Performance Testing

It’s no surprise we recommend performance testing: we love it. We also believe that your life will be made easier when you run performance tests year-round. The easiest way to do that is to take advantage of our subscription plans (choose the one that fits you best). 

We know from experience both on our own and from our customers that consistent performance testing yields results year-round, not just around anticipated peak traffic times. A small investment in performance testing to help with today’s budget spend means results for the coming year. You and your team won’t be rushing to address performance issues in one annual rush, but instead nipping them in the bud, catching them early on.

While it’s always nice to spend some end-of-year (or end-of-quarter) budget on things like replacement monitors and fancy mechanical keyboards, consider these three ideas when you’re shopping. Each will pay dividends through the coming year and help optimize your site’s performance.

Happy testing!

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