Improving the Script Editor Ergonomic

Posted by Pepe on Jun 14, 2016

Tl;dr — We have redesigned the user scenario editor to create a better scripting experience in our web app. You could also use your own editor of choice with the Load Impact CLI. The focus in the Developer Experience (DX) is to create a productive platform for performance testing.

When talking about UX, we often make the mistake of focusing only on interfaces, design and flows of our web app. But the experience of our users goes beyond these aspects. The tooling, technology and scripting experience are very important, as well. Our user experience actually encompasses the mentioned aspects, and it is focused on:

  • Improving the whole Developer Experience (DX)
  • Providing the most productive and user friendly platform for performance testing

"Valuable performance tests depends on the quality of your user scenario scripts."

We firmly believe the quality of the user scenarios determine the value of your performance tests. Users need to create realistic user scenarios, and they often spend significant time developing the scripts in the web app. Because of this, we've made the following improvements to the user scenario editor:

  • Better utilization of the full screen width
  • Showing validation results even when editor is maximized
  • Keyboard shortcuts for saving and validating the script
      • Ctrl/Cmd+S for saving
      • Ctrl/Cmd+B for validating


But, if you feel more comfortable with your own code editor, please use our new CLI.

This is a small and welcome improvement, and our roadmap brings many more exciting features to improve the whole Developer Experience (DX). These latest announcements are only the beginning of many good things to come.

Stay tuned for more!

Topics: Performance testing, user scenarios, scripting user scenarios, developer experience

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