New Feature: Interpret Load Testing Results Faster with URL Grouping

Posted by Grant Engle on Oct 7, 2016

We’ve come across more and more engineers who utilize dynamic URLs throughout their websites and applications over the last year.

The bottom line is this: In many cases, one data endpoint can be touched by thousands of similar, slightly varying URLs. While these URLs aid with tracking and organization, they can make sifting through load testing results a somewhat painful process — until now.

We’re happy to announce our latest feature that makes your load testing life easier: URL grouping.

URL grouping allows you to combine data from several URLs into one by specifying a regular expression pattern to use for identifying which URLs to add to the group. Then, simply provide a new name for the combined URL data with the display name.

Check out the example below:


When creating your URL groups, setting the order is important.

If a specified URL matches more than one regular expression, it will be assigned to the first group in the list. So, we made it simple for you to reorder groups by using the little arrows on the left.

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We all know regular expressions can sometimes be a pain to read and write, so you can verify a URL against a regular expression when adding or editing a URL group. (See the handy green check mark in the image below)


Friendly reminder: Save your test configuration after updating the URL group!!

When your load test is running, all URLs from the test script that match the given regular expression of a URL group will be combined and displayed as a single entry in the URLs section of the test results page. (You can find this section under the Map while your test is running)


Now, you don’t have to comb through hundreds — if not thousands — of URLs to see the average load time per URL.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our platform, and there’s no better way to do that than hearing from our users. If you have any ideas, please reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you!

The leading load testing platform for developers

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5 tests per month with 100 concurrent virtual users

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