The Load Impact CLI

Posted by Grant Engle on Mar 22, 2016

tl;dr — We’ve released the beta version of the Load Impact CLI, which is focused on manipulating user scenarios.

  • Users can create, update, save, delete and validate user scenarios from the command line
  • A group of users asked for this, and you can ask for stuff, too. Our Support team is always taking suggestions
  • This is just the first iteration (of course), so your input is valuable and very welcome. Contact us on Twitter or LinkedIn


We like to think we do a good job of listening to our users when it comes to the functionality of and usability of our app.

So, we’re pleased to announce the beta version of the Load Impact CLI — meant to make your life easier when it comes to working with user scenarios.

Load Impact users can now use their code editor of choice and the command line to create, update, save, delete and validate user scenarios.

The Load Impact CLI was designed to make performance testing fit better in your development process, and that means testing can be done faster and more often.

How to get it

You can find the Load Impact CLI source code in this Github repo. You’ll also need a Version 3 API Token, which you can find under your profile settings in our app.

And from there, say hello to an even more convenient way to manipulate user scenarios with Load Impact.

Additional updates

The Load Impact CLI wasn’t our only project these last few weeks. Check out the rest of Load Impact V3.4.0 below, and remember you can always sign up to receive email notifications on our Changelog page.

  • Data store download: You can now download the CSV file you uploaded for a data store from the list of data stores in the left-hand side menu
  • Test run results view state persistence: The state of the result page is now saved to local browser storage as well as being persisted as part of the URL so you can share a test result public URL link with someone knowing that that person will see the same graphs with the same colors as you do
  • In-app documentation: Our knowlegdebase ( is now available as in-app documentation on the right-hand side of the screen
  • User scenario editor: Handling of Ctrl+S/Cmd+S has been added and will result in a user scenario save action being performed
  • Web app left menu: Show spinner in the sidebar list when loading data (tests, user scenarios etc.)
  • Reset password flow: Improved UX by making the "Reset password" button an async button that shows reset request progress
  • User scenario editor: Fixed code examples UI overflow bug
  • Test run result page: Upgraded charting component we use (Highcharts) to fix issue with graph lines getting lost
  • Registration flow: Fixed issue in registration flow that new Load Impact users invited though an organization experienced
  • Account completion flow: Fixed issue breaking account completion when user had ended up in an unexpected state
  • Add project member flow: Fixed issue with adding project members
  • UI input fields: Fixed issue in IE where Enter key presses weren't handled correctly
  • UI for managing organization users: Fixed UI not to break when organization has more than a handful of users

Topics: user scenarios, Load Testing, Load Impact Command Line Interface, command line interface

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