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Posted by Load Impact on May 2, 2016

Tl;dr — We recently released the Load Impact CLI to very positive reviews from our users (thanks, everyone). We’re big believers in constantly improving everything we produce, so we’re already pushing the newest update of the CLI: The ability to upload Data Stores.

  • You can upload Data Stores from the Load Impact CLI
  • This update is especially useful for companies who want to replace existing parameterized data in tests — companies who are running tests based off dynamic inventory lists, for example
  • The documentation for the Load Impact CLI is in this handy Github repo


We’re on a mission to make performance testing with Load Impact as simple as possible for engineers.

Our Command Line Interface was built based on user input, and we’re happy to announce our first update to the CLI — support for Data Stores.

Now, users can upload Data Stores (parameterized data) for their load tests directly from the CLI. Quick and easy: Exactly how we prefer our load testing.

You can even replace existing Data Stores with updated .csv files. This is very important for engineers who are working with a constantly changing database. Here’s a quick example of why:

Let’s say your company has an inventory of goods, and you want your load test to simulate people coming to your website and purchasing randomly selected goods.

Well, in order to create the most realistic tests possible, you’ll want your Data Stores to reflect the actual inventory figures at the time of the test.

Replacing last week’s inventory .csv  with a new file is easy because of Data Stores support in the CLI, and again, that’s what we’re going for with our load testing solution.

How to get it

The Load Impact CLI is written in python and is available through PyPI as loadimpact-cli, you can install it either by using pip or setup.py. You can find the Load Impact CLI source code in this Github repo. You’ll also need a Version 3 API Token, which you can find under your profile settings in our app.

We’re Microsoft-friendly

Good news to all of our Windows-loving engineers: The CLI is now compatible with Windows!

This was a big priority for us in this iteration because we all know Microsoft holds developers in high regard, and so do we.

Talk to us

As always, we’re looking for your suggestions on this update and our product in general. Reach out to our Support team and let us know what you think.

And please feel free to contribute to any of our Github repos. We’re lucky to have some of the most talented performance engineers (and non-performance engineers!) in the world using Load Impact, so we will always welcome your contributions.

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