More Load Zones for More Realistic Load Tests

Posted by Grant Engle on Feb 2, 2017

Simulating real traffic patterns is the best way to get actionable results from your load tests. That includes creating tests that closely mirror where your traffic is coming from.

The latest Load Impact update brings the ability to generate load from six additional Amazon Web Services Regions around the world in your load tests.

New load zones in test.png

Here’s a look at our newest Load Zones:

  • Ohio, USA
  • London, UK
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Seoul, Korea
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Mumbai, India

These Load Zones are available in addition to our current eight AWS Regions across the globe.

Determining Load Zones in load tests

Load Impact’s software served engineers and development teams in more than 192 countries and sovereign territories around the world last year, so we understand your need — no matter where you're located or how big your team is — to simulate web traffic from around the world in your load tests.

If our marketing site’s traffic is growing in places like the midwestern United States, northeastern Canada or around London, we know it’s time to start factoring that into the load distribution configuration in our continuous load tests.

And even if you’re only getting traffic from a very specific part of the world, a total of 14 Load Zones spread around the world can help tailor your tests' physical proximity to where your traffic is originating.

Check out this blog post to learn more about how using real location data from your analytics can improve the quality of your load tests.

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