Meetup: The Magic of Load Testing

Posted by Load Impact on Aug 18, 2017

Tl;dr — We're hosting a Stockholm Software Test Talk meetup at our HQ in Stockholm. The headline of the event is "The Magic of Testing: How to load test, the developer way" by Robin Gustafsson.

Increasingly, testing is done by developers, who know their application best, and load testing is no exception here. The person developing an application is more likely to understand what parts of it need load testing, and how to simulate a real life scenario.

Developers, however, need the right tools for the job. When it comes to load testing, there has been a lack of both good tooling and best practise that works for developers. We believe that tools for developers should have certain characteristics to be really useful in the developer workflow - for one thing they should be open source, to allow developers to examine or modify the tool if they need to, and to increase the long-term viability of the tool by creating a hopefully contributing community around it.

At this Meetup we want to show you, as a developer, how you with little effort can implement continuous load testing in your project, and how to automate it. We will show a practical demo of this, using CircleCI and k6. After this session we hope you’ll be both inspired and ready to set up some automated load testing yourself.

About Speaker:
Robin Gustafsson is the CTO at Load Impact, with 10+ years of experience as a developer. He is the architect of Load Impact’s SaaS tools, and a driving force behind the newly released open source tool, k6. With his background Robin has a strong belief that developers should test their own code.



18:00 Food and mingle

18:30 Talk starts

19:15 Discussions and Hanging out

What’s on the agenda for the evening?
After the presentation we enter the “hang out” part of the event, and attendees are encouraged to discuss, question, challenge, and share ideas on the topic. Participation is strongly encouraged, so come prepared to contribute! 

See you there! 



Topics: DevOps, meetup, tech meetup, Load Testing, open source load testing, k6

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