No Tests - No Pull Request, Right? Types of Tests that Should Be in Your Codebase

Posted by Load Impact on Oct 25, 2017

As Viach Kakovskyi (@BackendandBBQ) stated in his blog post "If you do not have time to write tests today - you will find the time for fixing bugs Friday’s night". In other words, to establish solid reliability in production tomorrow we need to invest our time today.


Your need for tests for your current project depends on:

  • The size of the team that maintain the codebase
  • Size of the codebase
  • Duration of development and maintenance phases of the project. 

In his blog post, he will guide you thru types of automated tests that should be implemented by software engineers: unit, integration, external, and performance ones. Read it here


Topics: DevOps, Continuous Load Test, continuous delivery, automated testing

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