Getting the Most Out of your Load Impact 4.0 Free Trial


If you have already signed up for a free trial of Load Impact 4.0 - thanks! If not, you can sign up here. We’d like to make it easier for you to achieve your product evaluation goals. This document provides some guidance to help you get the most out of your free trial and determine if Load Impact 4.0 meets your website, SaaS app, API, etc. performance testing needs.

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Load Testing Strategies

Strategy around your load tests is as important as the tactics and execution. While one might debate the best comprehensive strategies, here we’ll share a couple of key ideas that can help you no matter what type of project you’re load testing.

Troubleshooting: Change only one variable

Because today’s apps are more complex than ever, sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint a particular bottleneck or performance problem.

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When You Should Load Test a New Project

We talk a lot about continuous and consistent load testing for your ongoing projects. (Continuous load testing means you integrate it into your continuous integration pipelines; consistent means you always do it.) What we don’t talk about as much is when you should be load testing your new projects - not your ongoing ones.

Let’s say you’re starting a new project. When is the right time to start load testing? And how can you build your project so it’s the most friendly to load testing? Here are a few tips.

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Why Load Testing is Important

We get so focused on the “how” of load testing that we sometimes forget to talk about why load testing is important. Read this if you want to know why it’s important, too. Or, you may already know it is important - but you need to convince a friend, colleague or manager of load testing’s importance. Either way, here are a few useful points to help understand.

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Test Talk Podcast: Lowering Performance Testing Barriers Using k6

Be sure to check out this Test Talk podcast hosted by Joe Colantonio. Joe speaks with Robin Gustafsson, CTO of Load Impact, about lowering the barriers for performance testing, to make it much easier for developers to test early in the development cycle. Robin talks about k6, the open source load testing tool that was built to be "developer centric."

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Webinar: Performance testing in the cloud

Performance testing is an essential part of today's DevOps workflows. It requires the capability to run load tests both locally and in the cloud to address different users' needs at different stages of the software development cycle. Local testing for developers early in the development cycle. Cloud testing for developers and QA teams that need to run much larger tests later in the dev cycle.

Cloud execution services free you from having to maintain your own load generation infrastructure. Attend this webinar to learn how you can run performance tests in the cloud using the open source load testing tool - k6.

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Insights from Recent State of DevOps Reports

I've recently reviewed three State of DevOps reports from the past year, one from InterOp and two from Puppet-- the 2017 State of DevOps Report and the State of DevOps Market Segmentation Report. Here are a few excerpts and insights from these reports, particularly as they pertain to software performance testing as part of a DevOps environment.

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Performance Testing in the Cloud, a Deeper Dive

As discussed in the earlier blog on Performance Testing in the Cloud, performance testing tools must fit into today's DevOps workflows. This means that they should support both local testing and cloud based testing. Local testing for developers, early in the dev cycle, and cloud based testing later in the cycle for running larger tests.

Let's take a deeper dive into the cloud based testing scenario. 

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Webinar recording: Automate Load Testing with GitLab CI Integration

This is the recording of the webinar where we've covered the basics of load testing and how to incorporate load testing into your automation pipeline using the GitLab Continuous Integration tool. Learn how to execute performance tests with our open source load testing tool - k6 as part of your CI workflow.

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Load Impact announces its next generation load testing solution

Load Impact 4.0:   k6 + Load Impact Insights + Load Impact Cloud Execution

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