API Performance Testing: Getting Started

API load testing doesn’t have to be confusing and complex. As with so many things, a major part of what you need to do is not that complex. You can cover the majority of what you need to test with your API with a simple, straightforward plan and setup. Once you’ve done that, feel free to make it more difficult and complex. Until then, here’s how to load test your API the easy way.

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Blueprint for API Performance Testing: Plan, Configure, and Execute

APIs are everywhere. As I write this post, I know that the underlying technology enabling me to produce this text is wired together and magically works through the integration of a significant number of loosely and tightly coupled API interactions. As I use the Fitbit ecosystem to monitor my health and fitness, I know there are numerous APIs involved in delivering insights and information to me. As I file my business expenses via Expensify, I know the simple soup-to-nuts workflow from submission to payout would be impossible unless a number of different industry providers integrated seamlessly via APIs.

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Webinar: Load Impact and ThoughtWorks on API Performance Testing

ThoughtWorks is one of the largest and most successful software consultancies in the world. That’s why we’re really excited to co-host our next webinar with one of their talented QA Consultants.

Srinivas Murty of ThoughtWorks will be discussing the finer points of API performance testing at 1 p.m. ET September 13.

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Load Testing Your Postman Collections

Load Impact is proud to announce that you can now reuse Postman collections in our load testing platform.

In a recent round of community feedback, the ability to take Postman collections and use them in Load Impact was one of the most-requested features we heard, and here we are — delivering what our beloved users want (and need), once again.

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Load Testing a REST API on a Low-Power IoT Platform

Web-based APIs have exploded in use from banking, eCommerce, medical devices, entertainment and more. From Facebook to Amazon, APIs are being used basically everywhere on the web today.

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API Load Testing: Implications of an "API-First" Strategy

If your company has built a mobile app for public distribution, the odds are good that it's using an API developed by your team. APIs play a critical role in application development because they provide so much flexibility in targeting various platforms and devices; in fact, they can be considered the foundation of any good app or software.

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