Load Testing on a Strict Deadline

You and your team have been pushing plenty of updates to your app over the last few weeks in preparation for a marketing milestone.

Everybody in the company is excited, and you can’t wait for users — and potential customers — to see what you’ve cooked up for their enjoyment.

But you haven’t been continuously performance testing throughout development (a bad move, but we forgive you), and you just realized it’s time to start running load tests.

Never fear! We’ve broken down a few steps to get your load testing extravaganza up-and-running, and from there you can smoothly transition to continuous testing, which will save you from this headache in the future.

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Load Testing Execution Phase 3: Continuous Delivery

In the first installment of this mini-series, we outlined how you efficiently prepare for performance testing. In the previous article, we got into the nitty gritty of what tests to run, and how to run them.

The final step toward ensuring you’re shipping high-performance applications and websites is to continuously test throughout your software development lifecycle.

If you’re a DevOps-minded organization that’s already working with Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration (CD/CI) tools, then you’re off to a great start.

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In DevOps, Collaboration & Communication is Key

tl;dr — Load Impact loves DevOps, so we optimize our performance testing application with DevOps in mind.

  • Easily share results
  • Invite team members to run tests, script user scenarios and view data
  • Organize tests into projects to keep everyone on the same page
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Remain CALMS in Your DevOps Approach

Defining what DevOps is and what it means to different organizations has been in flux for several years. The vendor community has pushed the methodology's innovation even further by jumping on the DevOps product/marketing bandwagon.

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Evolving from Automated to Continuous Testing for DevOps (Infographic)

Check out this awesome infographic from Parasoft on evolving from automated to continuous testing. You can find the full post on their website on the link below, too.

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SaaS: Building Tools for the DevOps-Minded

DevOps and Continuous Delivery have revolutionized website, app and API development over the last few years.

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In IT, Continuous is 'the New Black'

Continuous Testing, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Continuous Monitoring.

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