tech taskforce is invited to use our load testing services free of charge

We're offering to provide the technology taskforce responsible for fixing the troubled website free use of our performance testing services until the Obamacare website is functioning at full capacity.

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Write Scalable Code - use Jenkins to Automate your Load Testing

Starting today, we're accepting applications for early access to our new Load Impact Continuous Delivery service, which for the first time allows developers of websites, apps and APIs to make performance testing an integrated part of their continuous delivery process.

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Know your node.js

As part of a follow up to last months column about PHP vs Node.js, I hit some problems with Node under load.

As with all technologies, Node.js does have some limitations that may or may not be a problem for your specific use case.

If the last column about comparing PHP and Node.js had a deeper message, that message would be that if you want to scale you have to know your stack. To be completely clear, when I say stack I mean the layers of technology used to server http requests.

One of the most common stacks out there are simply called LAMP - (L)inux (A)pache2 (M)ySQL (P)HP (or Perl). You now see a lot of references to LNMP, where Apache2 is replaced with Nginx.

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Load generation from Australia

A few days ago Amazon announced the availability of its new AWS data center in Sydney, Australia. We here at Load Impact are now happy to announce that we have implemented support for load tests from the Sydney data center.

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New updates

The world's best load testing service gets even better!

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The State of Web Readiness 2012

For the moment we are attending the O’Reilly Velocity Conference in Santa Clara, where we have launched our brand new report “The State of Web Readiness 2012”. In short the report covers how robust sites are based on 8,522 load tests executed in 132 countries. We found out that the average site was load tested at up to 3.4 times the actual capacity. What does that mean? Well the short summary is that a large part of the websites in the world might not stand up to what site owners expect of them.

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New partner in Benelux

Today we're proud to announce that we have signed a premium partnership agreement with Systemation in Benelux, one of the leading distributors in integration testing and quality assurance in northern Europe.
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Load Impact 2.3 released!

We're happy to introduce Load Impact 2.3!

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Parameterized data, and more

We, are happy to introduce two new, major features in Load Impact that many users have asked for: parameterized data ("data stores") andcustom metrics.

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After 2.0 - what is next?

Post-2.0 updates and plans for 2012

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