How to send k6 metrics to Datadog


This article will show how you can use k6 to store the results of your load tests into Datadog. 

Datadog is a monitoring and analytics platform that can help you to get full visibility of the performance of your applications. We ❤️ Datadog at LoadImpact and use it to monitor the different services of our Load Testing platform.

k6 is our open source load testing tool for testing the performance of your applications. One of the attractive features of k6 is that you can output the result of your load tests to different sources; for example:
  • stdout/console
  • JSON
  • InfluxDB
  • Kafka
  • LoadImpact

And now, you can send data from your k6 load test into Datadog for further analysis and correlation with Datadog analytics/metrics.

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New Postman to k6 converter tool with support for pre-request and test scripts

About two years ago, not long after the open-sourcing of k6, we released a Postman-to-k6 converter that was capable of converting the request definitions specified in a Postman collection to the equivalent k6 JS code. It worked well, but was very limited in scope as it didn’t handle all the features that makes Postman the great tool it is, like variables, data files, and pre-request and test scripts.

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Insights UX/UI Refactoring

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback on Insights since we launched v4.0 of the product in June 2018. We took it to heart and started iterating, improving Insights over the last couple of months. Today we’ve released a significant UX and UI refactor so a blog post to explain what’s changed is warranted.

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k6 v0.24.0 released

The latest release of k6 is...not v1.0, but an intermediate release preparing for some upcoming bigger changes that we want to get into k6 before we cut a v1.0 release. There are however some interesting additions, and bug fixes, in this release:

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Announcing: JMeter to k6 JS converter tool

If you’ve been in the load testing game for awhile or ever looked around for open source load testing tools, which you no doubt had at some point if you’re reading this, you’d likely have run into JMeter. It’s a well-known, featureful load testing tool but with quite a few years on its back, first seeing the light of day in 1998.

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Load Impact Product Update - February 2019

A new year of load testing fun has begun. Lots of things have happened since the last product update email. We’ve built a new tool to convert JMeter JMX files to k6 JS test files, we’ve launched an OSS program and have a number of exciting product updates to share with you.

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Free Subscription for Open Source projects

Load Impact is proud to now offer a free premium subscription to qualifying Open Source projects.

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Load Testing RESTful APIs with k6

REST APIs make up about 83% of all APIs currently in use. Performance testing of APIs is becoming more and more critical to ensure overall system performance. Let's take a look at how we can use the k6 open source load testing tool to performance test REST API endpoints.

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Visual Studio 2019  Last Version to have Load Testing Capability

In the recently published Visual Studio 2019 preview release notes, Microsoft stated that this will be the last version of Visual Studio with load testing features. They recommend that their customers seek out alternative load testing tools. In a massive oversight, they completely forgot to include Load Impact in their list of alternatives!  ;)

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It's Really About Helping You Achieve Peak Performance

Sure, Load Impact provides a SaaS application for performance testing websites, web apps and APIs. And we have some industry-first capabilities, such as our recently announced Load Impact Insights Performance Alerts. And, the goal is to enable you to deliver higher performing software to market faster and at lower cost.

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