New Postman to k6 converter tool with support for pre-request and test scripts

Insights UX/UI Refactoring

k6 v0.24.0 released

Announcing: JMeter to k6 JS converter tool

Load Impact Product Update - February 2019

Free Subscription for Open Source projects

Load Testing RESTful APIs with k6

Visual Studio 2019  Last Version to have Load Testing Capability

It's Really About Helping You Achieve Peak Performance

Webinar: Automated Load Testing Results Analysis

Performance Testing Throughout the Development Cycle

Automated Load Testing Results Analysis

3 Phases of a Successful Performance Testing Methodology

Getting Started with Performance Testing, for Developers

The Easiest Way to Create (Realistic) Load Test Scripts

Essential API Performance and Load Testing

Webinar recording: Website Load Testing Lessons Learned - Bluestem Brands Case Study

Azure DevOps and Load Testing

Webinar: Website Load Testing Lessons Learned - Bluestem Brands Case Study

Q4 is Here: Is Your E-commerce Site Ready to Handle the Load?

Will CI/CD Change the World Like Agile Did?

Webinar Recording - Load testing your E-commerce site

Webinar: Prepare for the Holiday Peak-- Load Test Your E-commerce Website!

5 Best Practices for Ecommerce Website Peak Performance

Load Testing Reveals Performance Issues: Where to Look to Solve Them

Reduce Rapid App Development Risk with Continuous and Consistent Load Testing

How to Randomize URLs in Your Load Tests

Building a UI for the k6 load testing tool

Recording - Performance testing for developers (Webinar)

How to Set Up Automated Load Testing for Your WordPress Site (Or Any Other Platform)

Webinar - Performance testing for developers

Webinar Recording: Performance testing in the cloud

Load Testing Metrics and Tips

Getting the Most Out of your Load Impact 4.0 Free Trial

Load Testing Strategies

When You Should Load Test a New Project

Why Load Testing is Important

Test Talk Podcast: Lowering Performance Testing Barriers Using k6

Webinar: Performance testing in the cloud

Insights from Recent State of DevOps Reports

Performance Testing in the Cloud, a Deeper Dive

Webinar recording: Automate Load Testing with GitLab CI Integration

Load Impact announces its next generation load testing solution

Automate Load Testing with GitLab CI

Shopping Cart Testing: Increase Performance and Completion

Performance Testing in the Cloud

Load Testing WordPress Sites: Plugin Testing

Recording: Webinar on load testing for modern DevOps teams with k6 and Load Impact Insights

Test Now for the Summer Rush

MAY 2018 - Product Update

Release: k6 v0.21.0

Webinar: Load testing for Modern DevOps Teams with k6 and Load Impact Insights

Load Testing WordPress Sites: The Basics

About the Role of Recording in Performance Testing

How to control a live k6 test, with these built-in commands

Load Impact launches Insights

If You Don’t Test Your Software, Your Users Will

Mobile vs Desktop: Where to Focus Your Development

Effective Load Testing with User Needs/Challenges Planning

Video: How to interpret your load testing results

Release: k6 v0.20.0

Are You Who This Developer Survey Says You Are?

k6 loves Grafana

Performance Testing vs Performance Monitoring

Quick How-To: Choosing Your Load Test Size

Why Load Testing Should Be Both Consistent and Continuous

Ecommerce Growth Up 20%: Keep Load Testing

Why Developers Insist on Being Measured on Software Performance

When should I start load testing?

Understanding Test URL Status Codes to Track Performance

How to get started load testing your API from a template

Ready for FIFA-world-cup-2018? What the performance graphs mean.

Webinar: Analyzing your load testing results with Load Impact Insights

Product Update

How to interpret your load test results

2018 Predictions: More Need for Load Testing

Make Your Load Tests More Realistic

Don’t Overlook B2B Performance

Using k6 HAR converter to record sessions

We recommend: A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps, by Katrina Clokie

Load Testing, Performance Testing, Stress Testing

LoadImpact’s Developer-First Focus: Why You Care

Video: Load Testing on vs k6, using Jenkins

What Does “Shift Left” Mean?


Why Hope is Not a Strategy

Load Testing with Load Impact using Jenkins

Regular Checkups Ensure Healthy Site Performance

Webinar: Load testing in the open source tool k6 vs Load Impact's Lua, using Jenkins

k6 Update 2017

Product Update November 2017

Load Testing Speeds Mobile Ecommerce (M-Commerce)

E-Commerce Still Growing: Is Your Site Ready?

Consider These for Your End-of-Year Spending

Healthy Sites Mean Consistent Testing

CI Integrations for Performance Testing

Run states of the k6 Cloud Output Service (Insights)

How to prevent 'disaster' with performance testing

k6 listed as one of top 11 open source performance testing tools

How to do 10 things in Jmeter vs k6

Load Impact Product Update - October 2017

No Tests - No Pull Request, Right? Types of Tests that Should Be in Your Codebase

ECommerce Performance Testing Checklist

Basics of Continuous Load Tests

Ensure Your Site Performs for Peak Traffic

Comparing load testing tools

Better performance, lower shopping cart abandonment

The state of load testing

How to Automate Load Testing

Open Source Load Testing Tool Benchmarks V2

What’s Good E-Commerce Site Performance?

Continuous load testing saves your company time and money

API Performance Testing: Getting Started

Integrate k6 with your favorite DevOps and Developer Tools

Retail Readiness: How To Make Sure Your Site Is Ready

Testing Your Shopping Cart: Essential E-Commerce Tips and Strategies

Load Testing Season coming up!

Load Testing and Teams: DevOps Best Practices

Meetup: The Magic of Load Testing

Three Tests Will Make Your E-Commerce Site Perform Better

The difference between performance testing and performance tuning

Accurate Load Testing Under A Deadline

Advanced Load Testing: When to Use Simulated User Data in Load Tests

Optimize Your Work with Load Testing Strategies

How User Scenarios Will Make Your E-commerce Site Testing Better

How often you should load test

3 Tips for Ecommerce Site Performance

Creating k6 - a developer-centric load testing tool

How to automate Load Testing with k6 in TeamCity builds

Three Load Tests You Must Run

Understanding Performance Logs for Performance Tuning

How to automate Load Testing with k6 in CircleCI builds

Load Testing using Jenkins and k6

Quick Tips for Load Testing Under A Deadline

An... other load testing tool?

WebSocket support in k6

Load Testing using CircleCI and k6

Meetup: How to load test, the developer way

Black Friday is just around the corner. Be prepared for the storm. 

Easier Load Testing: New UI improvements

New "Organizations & Projects" admin page

Blueprint for API Performance Testing: Plan, Configure, and Execute

Open Source Load Testing Tool Review - Benchmarks

New Responsive Layout: Why Now

Load Testing on a Strict Deadline

Open Source Load Testing Tool Review

More Load Zones for More Realistic Load Tests

Better Testing with Visual Studio for Developers and DevOps: Webinar Recap

Webinar: Better Testing with Visual Studio for Developers and DevOps

Deleting Projects and Organizations in Load Impact

What Does the Geographic Location of Your Users Have to do With Load Testing?

Creating Realistic Load Tests with the Load Impact User Scenario Recorder

Load Testing Execution Phase 3: Continuous Delivery

Load Testing Execution Phase 2: Benchmarking and Complex Cases

Load Testing Execution Phase 1: Validation and Test Configuration

Black Friday 2016 Performance Review

4 Types of Load Tests That Give You Useful Data

Performance Testing Best Practices: User Scenarios

7 Tips for Load Testing an E-Commerce Site

3 Load Testing Tips to Prepare for Black Friday

How do I load test a website with login credentials?

4 Website Performance Optimizations Discovered Through Load Testing

Performance Testing Load Impact: Part 1

New Feature: Interpret Load Testing Results Faster with URL Grouping

Webinar: The Potential of Serverless Computing, hosted by Donald Ferguson and Load Impact

Performance Testing Vs. Performance Tuning

Don’t Underutilize These 5 Amazing HTTP Performance Features

Webinar: Load Impact and ThoughtWorks on API Performance Testing

The Road to Microservices: Part 2

2 Ways to Introduce Randomness in Load Tests

Performance Testing for the 2016 Olympics

A Performance Lesson from Pokemon Go

Performance Testing Tips: Client Sleep Time

UEFA Scores Big on Euro 2016 Application Performance with Load Impact

Load Impact Performance Thresholds

Performance as an SEO and Advertising Booster

Random Thoughts About Go

Improving the Script Editor Ergonomic

The Road to Microservices: Part 1

New Relic Metrics in Your Load Tests

Learn About Docker, Performance Testing, API Development and More at Fareoffice Hackathon

Webinar: How to Manage Dynamic Values in Your Load Tests

Load Impact Meetup: Building Real-World Apps in Ember.js in No Time

Updating Django REST Framework from 2.x to 3.x

Load Testing Your Postman Collections

Tutorial: Creating Realistic Load Tests with Advanced Mode

Our transition to Ember 1.13

Load Impact Command Line Interface: Data Stores

Webinar: How to Create Realistic Load Tests with Advanced Mode

Load Impact Introduces New Notifications Feature

Working with Gulp.js

Determining Concurrent Users in Your Load Tests

The Load Impact CLI

Video: Overload Impact

Learn How to Get Your AppDynamics Metrics in Load Impact Test Results

Extending Server Metrics

Performance Testing & Preventing a 'Disaster'

In DevOps, Collaboration & Communication is Key

Share Performance Data and Organize Your Work

Load Impact to Present HTTP/2 Study at Fluent

Load Impact Webinar: "Overloadimpact"

Netflix Vows to Shut Down Proxy Users Who Bypass Country Restrictions

3 Ways to Develop the Perfect DevOps Culture

Load Impact Partners with E-Commerce Giant for Record Holiday Sales

Ready for DevOps? Think About the Culture

Banking on Innovation and DevOps — DOES 2015

Achieving Agility Through a Continuous Delivery Culture

Machine Learning and AI are Driving DevOps Evolution

The Importance of Automation and DevOps

3 Steps for Handling Failure with a DevOps Mindset

Why Devops is Burning Out Developers

Data Centers in 2016: Vendor Predictions

Discovering the Value of DevOps

Data Virtualization: The Missing Link in the DevOps Tool Chain

7 Things 2016 has in Store for DevOps and IT

Under Construction

Load Impact has Grown 247% Since 2011

An Offer to The Players Tribune

DevOps at Seamless: The Why, How, and What

Raising the Bar on DevOps for Enterprise Systems

Load Impact to Present at O'Reilly Fluent

Load Impact Among Top Tools Used By Performance Engineers

Load Impact Named to Deloitte's 'Fast 50'

Load Impact & New Relic: A Match Made in Web Performance Heaven

JavaScript Tutorial for Pebble Time Smartwatch: PebbleJS

Q&A: DevOps and Containers with Shannon Williams of Rancher Labs

EU has Pumped $1.1B into Startup Funds this Year

LinkedIn learns to do devops right

Challenges and Best Practices for Database Continuous Delivery

Does Agile Need Continuous Integration?

NYC Tech Events: October 2015

Fast Track Continuous Integration Efforts Today

Study Shows HTTP/2 Can Improve Website Performance Between 50-70 Percent

Managing DevOps in the Hybrid Cloud

Octopus Ventures is Launching a New $140 million fund for European Tech Startups

Velocity NY Preview: Ragnar Lönn and Daniel Stenberg

What CIOs Need to Know About Microservices and DevOps

Sample - How To Post

Girls In Tech Initiates Startup Competition for Women in Indonesia

DevOps Leadership: Continuous Delivery with Dave Farley (Video)

NYC Tech Events: TestBashNY

The Four Major Differences Between Containers and VMs

Lean for DevOps: Is it OK to Move the Banana?

The Women of DevOps

How to Live the DevOps Fairytale

Velocity NY Preview: Evan Gilman of PagerDuty

Drones: Can Mainstream Developers Make the Transition?

NYC Tech Events: NYC Testers

What DevOps Can do for your Business

What Makes a DevOps Unicorn?

HTTP/2 and The Future of Web Performance

Is Continuous Delivery Only for Web Companies?

The (Short) History of DevOps (Video)

Velocity NY Speaker Preview: Ty Sbano

The Benefits of DevOps for your Business

HTTP/2 vs. HTTP/1.1: A Performance Analysis

Where will DevOps be in 10 years?

Sweden steps up effort to attract more startups

Improving Software Quality Means Mixing DevOps with Agile

It's Load Testing Season

What is DevOps? Not Even Leaders and 'Practitioners Can Agree

NYC Tech Events: IoT Central

Shifting to DevOps? Put Your Ducks in a Row First

Continuous Delivery in the Enterprise (Video)

Velocity NY Speaker Preview: Blackrock 3 Partners

Drones: The Future for Mobile App Developers

Using the WebAudio JavaScript API (Tutorial)

Discounted Ticket to Velocity NY + A Free Load Impact Shirt

Exploring DevOps with Gene Kim (Video)

Load Impact Wins Coveted ComputerWeekly Award

Velocity NY Speaker Preview: Pete Cheslock

NYC Tech Events: Drone User Group Meetup on Governor's Island

Recruiting for Diversity in Tech (Video)

Starting with DevOps from Day 1

Why Quality Acceleration is Critical to a Continuous Delivery Strategy

AngularJS vs. Backbone.js vs. Ember (Infographic)

NYC Tech Events: PyGotham

Velocity NY Speaker Preview: Bryan Liles of DigitalOcean

The DevOps Roller Coaster

10 Questions to Ask About Your Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Lean IT and DevOps: The New Kids on the Block

Velocity NY: A Gratuitously Early Preview

Creating Agency Agility Through DevOps

The Missing Metrics of DevOps

How Will the Apple Watch Impact Software Testing?

Optimizing Application Security Through Bad Behavior

How DevOps Can Make You More Relevant

DevOps without Monitoring and Measurement? Expect to Fail

Best Productivity Tools for Startups

The Next Wave of Software Delivery – Integrating Agile and DevOps for the Digital Enterprise

The 3 Flavors of DevOps: Developer-driven vs. Ops-driven vs. Platform 2.5

Practices for DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Glitch, Cyberattack or Configuration Issues: Regular Testing Ensures Better Resilience

Second System Syndrome

Remain CALMS in Your DevOps Approach

The Three Pillars of DevOps (Video)

Evolving from Automated to Continuous Testing for DevOps (Infographic)

Continuous Delivery for Enterprise (Video)

Bridge the Business-DevOps Gap with Agile Practices

SaaS: Building Tools for the DevOps-Minded

Chef CEO Talks Culture, Tooling & Workflow of DevOps Penetration

Bringing DevOps to the Legacy Side of the Business

Continuous Delivery: Enterprises Need to See Beyond the Cultural Barriers

3 priorities for delivering software faster via continuous delivery—without breaking everything

DevOps for Developers

Google, Microsoft, Mozilla Want A Faster Web

Diving into DevOps Details

Visualizations of Continuous Delivery

Inside DevOps: How it Really Works

Taking DevOps out of the Security Danger Zone

Software-Driven Economy Drives DevOps

6 Essential Skills for Today's Performance Engineer

Load Testing for Drupal and CiviCRM with Load Impact

What’s the Relationship Between DevOps and Continuous Delivery?

Ops Monitoring and Continuous Delivery

Regular Expression in the Real World

How to Combine Uptime Monitoring with Performance and Load Testing

Velocity 2015 in Santa Clara: Highlights

Why Businesses Should Embrace the Hybrid Cloud

Velocity 2015: Santa Clara

Bring a DevOps Spirit to Non-Engineers

DevOps: Is it About Efficiency or Just Saving Money?

Agile, DevOps and Eating Your Own Dogfood

Load Testing for the Mobile Age

DevOps: From Continuous Integration to Continuous Deployment

DevOps: DIY vs. Commercial

DevOps Fears and the 'Dilbert Effect'

How DevOps Can Improve Software Vulnerabilities

Continuous Delivery: A Tactic In Your Digital Product Innovation Strategy

DevOps is Killing Maintenance. Let’s Celebrate.

What Does DevOps Have to do With Agile?

Why opening up APIs is not just a developer priority, but a business one

The Cultural Change of DevOps and Why You Should Embrace Nightmares

Why I’m Happy To Have DevOps Engineer In My Job Title

Five reasons why automation promotes collaboration

Continuous Delivery: Huge Benefits, but Challenges Too

Traditional Ops is No More

Creating and Maintaining an Effective Coding Culture with Sven Peters

DevOps-in-Name-Only? Don’t do 'DOINO'

Continuous Delivery In A Large Enterprise – Transforming Enterprise IT (Video)

The Best Guides to Getting Started In DevOps

GE Capital and its DevOps Reinvention

The History Of DevOps

The Software Processes Behind Hailo's Success

Presenting the 2014 State of DevOps Report

What DevOps Needs to Know About Microservices

In IT, Continuous is 'the New Black'

Coding Culture: How To Build Better Products by Building Stronger Teams

NY Times IT Capitalizes on Continuous Delivery to Move Faster

Load Testing for Banking Software

Architecture is Abstract Until Operationalized

Q&A with Edgar van Zoelen of Philips

Rugged DevOps: From Idea to Automation to Impact

Performance Tuning Using Data from Load Impact

What is DevOps? It Depends on Who You Ask

Creating a Mobile Development Strategy for 2015

Making DevOps Work with External Contractors

Winning a Cloud Business Case Debate

Test Automation and the Spirit of DevOps

Building a Healthy Organizational Ecosystem

Variable Speed DevOps

Orbitz Moves to Continuous Delivery

Front End Deployment For The Rest Of Us

DevOps Golden Rule: Writing More Code for Test Than For Production

Great Marketers Protect Their Work with Load Testing

The Rationale for Continuous Delivery

DevOps: What It is and How to Cook It

Exploding the Myths of Big Data

What We Have Learned in Testing and New Developments in Agile Testing

Buzzword abuse: The anatomy of a DevOps Engineer

Load Testing a REST API on a Low-Power IoT Platform

Swift 1.2: Faster Executables

The Software Tester as a Designer

Announcing Load Impact 3.0: New and Improved!

7 Great Thoughts on Real-World DevOps Transformations

Why DevOps, Integration and Continuous Delivery Hold The Key to Enterprise Mobile App Dev

Jez Humble on Continuous Delivery

The 24 coolest tech startups in Scandinavia

Understanding the Importance of Load Testing for eCommerce Sites

Developing and Enabling a DevOps Culture in Your Team

Use Load Testing to Validate Budget Requests

5 Reasons Why Scripting is Critical for Realistic Load Testing

Can Real User Monitoring (RUM) and Synthetic Performance Testing Coexist?

Load Testing the Scalability of Your App & Infrastructure

Behind the Green Eye of Load Impact

When Version Release & Marketing Campaigns Collide (Performance Testing Case Study)

Performance Testing Comparison: WordPress Bare Metal vs WordPress Docker

How Load Testing Brings Developers & Marketers Together

Wordpress Performance Comparison: Shared Hosting -vs- Digital Ocean

Performance Testing -vs- Performance Monitoring

Black Friday Recap: Winners, Losers and Top Takeaways

When the Absence of Proper Load Testing Rears its Ugly Head: 11 a.m. Black Friday Update (UK)

Validating the Performance Impact of Enabling APC (Alternative PHP Cache) Through Load Testing

What if the Rosetta Satellite Wanted to Read News from Earth?

API Load Testing: Implications of an "API-First" Strategy

Steps to Improve Website Performance & Speed (Part II)

Preparing the MCA Website for David Bowie Is

Performance Monitoring in Healthcare IT

CRUD using Backbone.js and Drupal 8

Another Load Testing Fail: iPhone 6 Launch Day Crash

QCon Rio - Why Bandwidth Doesn't Matter

How Bad Performance Impacts Ecommerce Sales (Part I)

EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR: Lifting web performance from the tactical to the strategic

Moving to the Cloud: A Data Driven Approach to Evaluating Cloud Services

Headless Drupal 8 - Retrieving Content Using Backbone.js

When to Leverage Commercial Load Testing Services, and When to Go it Alone

#UnsexyTech and trying to make it a little sexier

Performance & Scalability Test: Pantheon -VS- Other Drupal-Based Platforms

5 Lessons Learned After Self-Hosting Goes Haywire

Load Testing Validates Performance Benefits of CDN - 400% Improvement (CASE STUDY)

Is Your Application as Mobile and Global as You Claim it is? - Prove it!

We're Hiring! Front End Lead Based in Stockholm

Exception Handling in an AngularJS Web Application (Tutorial)

[Case Study] How One Digital Agency Guaranteed Performance BEFORE a Big Release

Saving Your Super Bowl Bacon: How One Advertiser Performance Tested Early and Avoided Disaster

5 Ways to Better Leverage a DevOps Mindset in Your Organization

Scenario Testing: Four Tips on How to Manage Effectively

Hello world!

Test Driven Development and CI using JavaScript [Part II]

Test Driven Development and CI using JavaScript [Part I]

Uncover Hidden Performance Issues Through Continuous Testing

Load Impact: Closed Vulnerability to Heartbleed Bug

WordPress Vertical Scalability Part I: How Performance Varies with Changes in Hardware

[NEW RELEASE] Mobile Performance Testing - Including Network and Client Emulation

Mobile Network Emulation - The Key to Realistic Mobile Performance Testing

What to Look for in Load Test Reporting: Six Tips for Getting the Data you Need

New Load Script APIs: JSON and XML Parsing, HTML Form Handling, and more!

Automated Acceptance Testing with Load Impact and TeamCity (New Plugin)

Guess when we will run our ONE MILLIONTH load test and win a Pebble Watch!

Countdown of the Seven Most Memorable Website Crashes of 2013

New Pay-Per-Test Credits ($1 = 1 Credit)

Unlimited Load Testing for Everybody (Subscription-Based Load Testing)

Configuring a load test with multiple user scenarios

5 Websites That Crashed This Holiday That Could Have Been Avoided

Make Scalability Painless: First Identify Pain Points

The Load Impact Session Recorder - Now Available as a Chrome Extension!

Bootstrap your CI with Jenkins and GitHub

How did the Obama Administration blow $400M making a website?

Load Testing Prior to Holiday Season Rush Can Help Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate by up to 18% tech taskforce is invited to use our load testing services free of charge

Write Scalable Code - use Jenkins to Automate your Load Testing

The Demise of and the Importance of Testing

Detect server side problems using Nagios plugins and the Load Impact Server Metrics Agent

Website Owners’ Overestimation of User Capacity by 3.4 Times Kills Profits and Customer Retention

Server Metrics Tutorial

Cloud Based Server-Side Load Testing

Different types of website performance testing - Part 3: Spike Testing

Code sample for automated load testing

Automating Load Testing to Improve Web Application Performance

Bandwidth Limited Websites

Load testing tools vs page speed tools

On load testing and performance April-13

Load Testing vs. Monitoring Tools

Top 5 ways to improve Wordpress under load

Announcing the Load Impact API beta

Know your node.js

Node.js vs PHP - using Load Impact performance testing to visualize node.js efficiency

Node.js vs PHP – using Load Impact to visualize node.js efficiency

21/12/12 - It's the end of the world... Again!

Load generation from Australia

Simulating realistic load using Load Impact

Different types of website performance testing, Part 2: Load Testing

Different types of website performance testing, Part 1: The basics

iPhone 5 - Apple was ready for it this time

iPhone 5 - is Apple ready for it, part 2

iPhone 5 - is Apple ready for it?

New updates

The State of Web Readiness 2012

New partner in Benelux

Load Impact 2.3 released!

Big data

Parameterized data, and more

After 2.0 - what is next?

2.0 Highlights

Load Impact 2.0!

Wordpress load testing part 3 - Multi language woes

Wordpress load test part 2 - amendment

Wordpress load test part 2

Load testing Wordpress

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