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3 Phases of a Successful Performance Testing Methodology

Successful performance testing of websites, web apps and APIs requires planning. You may want to jump in, pick a load testing tool and start testing, but let’s take some time to establish our methodology first. A software performance testing methodology requires a number of steps. Let’s break them down into 3 phases:

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How to interpret your load test results

When you look at results, you will first want to start with the main graph, you can derive a lot of information from it!  By default, we will plot two metrics - Virtual Users (VUs) and Virtual User Load Time. By definition VU Load Time is a measure of how long it takes a virtual user to make all the HTTP requests during an iteration of the user scenario they are assigned to. If you are running a simple URL test, you’ll probably get results in milliseconds.  If you recorded a long journey with our chrome extension, you may be looking at minutes.  

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How do I load test a website with login credentials?

If you're expecting people to come to your website or application and log in with a username and password, then you absolutely need to prepare for that in your load testing.

Load Impact supports both basic HTTP authentication and HTTP POST operations, as well as HTTPS. This means we support most common methods for logging into sites.

Let’s dive into the nitty gritty and get you testing that login process ASAP.

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