Load Impact & New Relic: A Match Made in Web Performance Heaven

Posted by Load Impact on Nov 11, 2015

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Great Scott. This is the future of load testing and server monitoring!

Our goal in life is to give developers and companies more insight into their website, app and API performance.

So, we’re proud to announce our latest integration with the gold standard in application performance monitoring: New Relic.

Load Impact users can now monitor New Relic Server and Application metrics in real time while running a Load Impact load test, giving them a clear picture of their application and infrastructure’s performance under load.

Oh yeah, and this integration is free for all users, regardless of subscription level.

Check out this article in our Knowledge Base to learn more about the New Relic integration.

“There’s a big overlap of users between Load Impact and New Relic. ” said Robin Gustafsson, Load Impact CTO. “This integration will give them much deeper insights, making it easier to correlate the results they get from their Load Impact tests with the actual performance of their applications.”

One of our most popular features is our real-time graphical interface. While developers have always been able to see server-side metrics when installing our Server Monitoring Agents, the process has gotten much easier for New Relic users with this integration.

For now, we’re collecting APDEX and CPU Usage Percent, but we’ll be collecting many more New Relic metrics later, so stay tuned for more announcements.


It's easy to start viewing New Relic metrics in your load tests

Later on, database, memory and disk metrics, as well as response times for specific application code functions/methods will be added.

“New Relic is one of the top data analytics companies in the tech sector, but it’s also simply one of the great companies in the world,” said Gustafsson. “Now that developers and testers can monitor their New Relic metrics in Load Impact during a load test, there’s no part of their app’s performance they won’t be able to optimize.”

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