Discounted Ticket to Velocity NY + A Free Load Impact Shirt

Posted by Load Impact on Aug 17, 2015

While conferences and events are one of the most fun parts of our job, we know buying passes for dozens of events each year can be costly.

That's why we're helping you get 20 percent off your Velocity NY pass (Gold, Silver or Bronze) by using the code RAGNAR20 when you register.

As an added bonus, if you send us a screen shot of your receipt with the applied coupon code, we'll send you a sweet Load Impact shirt. Your receipt photo should show the attendee's name, the type of pass and the discount code. You're smart, so you'll know when to snap the screenshot. You can email us the photo of your receipt to or hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

We believe it's among the finest startup shirts on the market. It's made from the glorious fabric that is the 50/50 American Apparel T-shirt collection (printed by Design Like Whoa), and it's incredibly stylish design comes to you from the super awesome branding team at Agency. Our favorite part is the Load Impact eye on the left sleeve.

Shirt front and back

Notice the sleek, aerodynamic design — optimized for peak performance when coding, eating pizza or drinking beer

Supplies are limited, but if you use the coupon code and we run out of your size, we'll happily send you our latest shirt. The design is currently top-secret, but we can tell you it's HTTP/2-themed and is sure to be just as cool as our company T-shirt.

As you may have heard, Load Impact founder Ragnar Lönn will be presenting at Velocity NY in October. Ragnar will be joined by Daniel Stenberg, who worked with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) on the HTTP/2 specification.

Alongside presenting the findings of their study on how HTTP/2 will change web performance for developers and users, the two engineers will be unveiling a free tool developers will use to understand how HTTP/2 will impact the performance of their existing applications.

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