Integrate k6 with your favorite DevOps and Developer Tools

Posted by Load Impact on Sep 7, 2017


At Load Impact we believe in goal oriented and automated load testing. That's why we have built k6 to work smoothly in such environments, integrating nicely with tools like CircleCIJenkins and TeamCity. Now we can offer even more integrations such as AWS Codebuild, bash (*nix /MacOS) and PowerShell (Windows)

On this page, you find guides that take you through the steps getting up and running with k6 and your preferred CI/CD environment, also how to analyze pass/fail results through Load Impact Insights.

The guides assume you are familiar with k6 and your preferred tool. For Insights, it also assumes you have a LoadImpact account, get one here – accounts are free. Once you have your account setup, follow the instructions that gets you and the team going with integrating load testing in your automated environment.

Topics: DevOps, continuous delivery, automated testing, continuous integration, Load Testing, integration

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