Load Impact announces its next generation load testing solution

Posted by John Emmitt on Jun 26, 2018

Load Impact 4.0:   k6 + Load Impact Insights + Load Impact Cloud Execution

Load Impact is excited to announce its next generation solution- Load Impact 4.0, consisting of 3 key components: k6, Load Impact Insights and Load Impact Cloud Execution. It’s built for today’s DevOps teams and fits into software developers’ Continuous Integration workflows. Our new approach to performance testing allows developers to test early in the development cycle. Find and fix performance issues faster and more efficiently.

Load Impact allows teams to deliver high performance software faster.

k6 is an open source load testing tool, available on GitHub. k6 allows developers and QA testers to collaborate on performance testing throughout the software development cycle. Test scripts are written in ES6 JavaScript. With k6, developers can run tests locally, behind the firewall. Local execution lets developers run daily load tests as part of their automated CI process. Cloud Execution allows much larger tests to be run later in the development and QA cycle.

Your k6 load test results can easily be streamed to Load Impact Insights for storage, analysis, sharing and trending. Insights’ Automated Smart Analysis gives you a quicker understanding of the source of your performance and testing problems.

Screenshot 2018-06-11 14.27.42-1

        Figure 1: Load Impact Insights showing automated Performance Alert


Read the full press release here.

You may also be interested in attending our webinar: Automate Load Testing with GitLab CI

In this webinar we'll cover the basics of performance testing and how to incorporate it into your automation pipeline using the GitLab Continuous Integration tool. Learn how to execute performance tests with k6 as part of your CI workflow.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How to create and run a load test with k6
  • How to set up load testing in a GitLab automation pipeline
  • The benefits of k6 load testing in DevOps environments

This webinar will take place on 27 June 2018 @11:00AM EST (17:00 CET) and is presented by Robin Gustafsson, CTO at Load Impact.

Register here


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