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Posted by Maria on Aug 8, 2018

If you’ve read our load testing metrics and tips in other articles, you might have some ideas about ideal numbers and strategies.

But nothing brings those strategies to life like a real-world example. We recently came across this great article from Reaction Commerce, and wanted to highlight a couple of metrics and tips in that piece that resonated with us.


Response Time

2 seconds. That’s our rule of thumb for response time on any web page. We liked reading that Reaction Commerce had reached the same conclusion.

They set testing metrics for their pages - and since it’s an ecommerce platform, they set metrics for two different types of pages. First, for the initial page or store load, they set a three second goal. For a product page, their goal was two seconds. (Just to make things very clear, those are goals for maximum load time.)

Research shows that for every second over two seconds load time, sales (and revenue) go down significantly.

Tips for Load Testing

Reaction Commerce reports that after their load testing, they had some insights that mirror those we’ve shared. A sampling, paraphrased with our comments:

Don’t start with the database. As they put it, “The database is almost never the problem.” They were getting sub-30-ms responses, so there were other areas that benefited from performance optimization long before the database needed attention. Of course your mileage may vary (YMMV), but this is a good tip to start optimizing elsewhere.

Check your image load times. It’s possible that your current image loading is sufficient, so before you jump on that as a problem, check it in detail. Reaction Commerce found that their Mongo DB was serving images fast enough.

Try a CDN. That said, in most cases a CDN can significantly speed your pages. For Reaction Commerce, their JavaScript load times dropped from 2.5 seconds to 600 ms.

Try these tips with your next project - and share with us your insights.

Happy testing!

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