Load Testing Your Postman Collections

By Pepe. In API Testing. On 2016-05-12

Load Impact is proud to announce that you can now reuse Postman collections in our load testing platform.

In a recent round of community feedback, the ability to take Postman collections and use them in Load Impact was one of the most-requested features we heard, and here we are — delivering what our beloved users want (and need), once again.

Load testing with Load Impact and Postman

Postman is a widely adopted tool in the developer community, so the ability to reuse test configurations in our platform should make API developers' lives easier, and it's our honor to help with that.

We built a streamlined postman-to-loadimpact transformer. Now, you can convert your Postman collections into a user scenario script as:

npm install -g postman-to-loadimpact
postman-to-loadimpact path/postman-collection.json -o path/scenario.lua

Learn more about this on our Support page, and take a look at the Github repo:

We're always happy to hear your thoughts. Please, feel free to contribute to the Github repo or reach out to us on Twitter if you have comments.