Load Testing Season coming up!

Posted by Load Impact on Aug 24, 2017


What did you get your application and infrastructure for Load Testing Season?

It's not October yet, but “Load Testing Season” is already upon us. While Load Testing Season isn’t as celebrated as Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, it’s overriding importance in the world of e-commerce is inarguable.

You haven’t heard of ‘Load Testing Season’?

Well, that’s because we just made it up — but we’ll explain what it is and why it’s important.

The e-commerce world is about to be slammed with an influx of shoppers. That’s because people and companies are buying Christmas presents, gadgets, furniture marked down for seasonal sales, and pretty much anything else they can find room for in their end-of-year budget.

Should you celebrate Load Testing Season?

Let’s say you’re selling something on your e-commerce website, and you have an awesome sale that’s going to make consumers very happy. Well, you’d better be prepared for your application and infrastructure to be rocked with eager shoppers clicking away to snag your amazing deals.

The only way to truly be prepared for that is by load testing your application, and why not do that with Load Impact’s software. Easy to access and get started with. 

Check out our guide to get started here, and you’ll get started on planning and executing your tests and how we can help.

Shouldn’t Load Testing Season be year-round?

We certainly think so, especially if you’re a development team who is constantly deploying new software. Load Impact is powered by a lot of really smart DevOps teams who use our service all year to make sure changes to their app and infrastructure don’t negatively impact performance, and we’re grateful for that!

But the fact is there are still a lot of companies who only load test before a compelling event — like a Labor Day or Black Friday sale.

That’s fine with us, but we think your life might be easier if you continuously test your application, and maybe you should give it a try.

What gifts do you receive during Load Testing Season?

The best present you’ll receive throughout Load Testing Season is economic peace of mind — which is way better than a new tablet or smartphone, if you ask us.

Protecting your application with load testing means your sale will go off without a hitch, and that will result in more sales, happy customers and a better chance shoppers will return the next time they’re ready to make an online purchase.

Don’t be one of the companies who deals with a backlash of customers on social media screaming that your website doesn’t work.

So, we wish you a Happy Load Testing Season, and we’ll be here all year to assist with your performance and load testing needs, so reach out anytime.

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