Load Testing using Jenkins and k6

Posted by Maria on Jul 3, 2017

For all you Jenkins users out there, here's a guide on how to integrate k6 in your Jenkins Pipline setup. 

We believe in goal oriented and automated load testing. That's why we built k6 to work well in such environments, integrating nicely with tools like Jenkins (v2 and above) and services based on it like CloudBees.

We've set up a guide that will help you get up and running with k6, Jenkins and LoadImpact Insights.


This guide assumes you are familiar with k6 and Jenkins v2 and above. It also assumes you have a LoadImpact account. If not, go get one here – it’s free. Once you have your account setup, try this sample of how to include load testing in your Jenkins Pipeline setup.

Go check out the guide here

Topics: continuous delivery, k6, Load Testing, Performance testing, DevOps, automated testing, open source load testing tools, test automation, continuous integration, jenkins

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