LoadImpact’s Developer-First Focus: Why You Care

Posted by Load Impact on Jan 11, 2018

We recently talked about the “new” shift left testing trend. The concept is important, for sure, especially in a larger, less nimble development organization. But all testing, we believe, should be developer-first.

We believe in developer-first, developer-centric products. “That’s nice to hear,” you’re likely thinking, “but what does that mean to me?” It means LoadImpact’s load testing tools are built for developers, by developers.

We believe fundamentally that developer testing should include not only unit and functional testing, but also load testing. When it does, developers benefit from better builds, stronger code, and fewer headaches.

When load testing tools keep the developer first in mind, the tools are tailored for how developers need to use them. Developers want to customize their tests with code, then automate them. They don’t want to learn another esoteric tool tailored to those who do nothing but testing. (We love testing professionals, don’t get us wrong: we believe the latest generation of testing tools is more flexible, scriptable and automatable, and thus developer-friendly, than those it succeeds. For our take on the history of load testing tools, check out “The State of Load Testing.”)

DevOps is no longer an emerging trend: it’s the way development is being done. It’s encouraged by ore frequent builds, containerized deployment, and the blurring of the dividing line between development and operations. The software development process itself has become more consistent, and that consistency leads to patterns that can be automated. Those automated patterns, like so many other things, can be represented with process and code, integrating formerly independent efforts like requirements gathering, architecture, coding and testing.

Those processes and code - all developer-friendly - fold into the development pipeline, all now visible to the developer. (For more on our developer-centric view, check out this detailed article.)

Therefore, we believe in a developer-centric, developer-first approach because developers are not only essential to the coding part of that process, but are now integral to the entire pipeline. (This applies whether you subscribe to the “DevOps” naming trend or not.)

As we start into 2018, we felt it was important to remind you that we believe this coming year, and, really, every year, is the year of the developer at LoadImpact. We wish you the best for the coming year, and, as always, happy testing!

Topics: DevOps, Load Testing, developer centric, Continuous Load Test, consistent testing

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