Recording: Webinar on load testing for modern DevOps teams with k6 and Load Impact Insights

Posted by Load Impact on Jun 4, 2018

In this webinar recording you'll learn:

  • How to download k6 from GitHub
  • How to stream k6 results to Insights for analysis
  • High level overview of results analysis and performance alerts

If you're involved in software development and/or testing of websites, apps or APIs, don't miss this webinar recording on load testing with k6 and Load Impact Insights. k6 is our new, open source load generator, available for download on GitHub (

Webinar recording

k6 has been built from the ground up for use by today’s DevOps teams throughout the development cycle. Developers can use k6 early in the development cycle to load test as part of their standard Continuous Integration process.

With k6, you can run tests locally, behind the firewall (available now), and in the cloud on Load Impact's cloud infrastructure (coming soon). Test scenario scripts are created using ES6 JavaScript. This makes it easy to create test scripts without having to learn a new scripting language.

k6-cli-results.png__1952x1536_q85_crop_subsampling-2_upscaleFigure 1: Running a k6 test using JavaScript

Load Impact Insights allows you to store and analyze your k6 load test results. Built-in algorithms help automate results analysis to quickly uncover performance issues. You can start a free trial of Load Impact Insights by clicking here.


Figure 2: Load Impact Insights screen showing load test results


Webinar recording


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