Test Now for the Summer Rush

Posted by Maria on May 30, 2018

We know that in most sectors, we have to gear up for a big Q4. As we shared a couple of months ago, for ecommerce, Q4 brings in about 30% more revenue than other quarters. And every year, that Q4 total increases by 20%. But what’s easy to overlook in the holiday season excitement is this: every single quarter grows 20% in ecommerce revenue year over year.

Comscore’s latest report lays out the facts. In 2017 over 2016, Q1 grew 20%, Q2 grew 18%, and Q3 grew 20%. In 2017, each quarter was over 100 billion USD.

These stats are fascinating, of course, but they’re important for developers, not just business folks. Here’s what they tell us: if your site had any performance issues last year, you had better have fixed them because you can expect this year’s traffic (and sales) to increase by at least 20%.

To appropriate the famous quote "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance,” in our experience, the price of development is eternal testing.


Developers can’t afford to back off on testing even if they’re not planning for Q4. As these stats tell us, every single quarter, year over year, increases about 20%. If we’re not constantly testing, we can easily lose a competitive advantage, suffer performance outages, and affect our revenue.

We therefore recommend both consistent and continuous load testing.

First, be consistent. As these stats show us, we as developers can’t afford to let load testing fall by the wayside. Load testing is part of performance testing, and should not be seasonal. As traffic and revenue grows from year to year, your application’s performance should improve as well. This applies no matter if you’re building apps, APIs, sites or ecommerce systems.

Second, load testing should be continuous. We’re all (mostly) increasing our production and deployment velocity. Load testing is an essential element in the build release and deployment pipelines - and of course LoadImpact integrates with all leading Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) methodologies, tools and systems.

Sure, we’re nearing summer: but as developers, we have to continue chasing our performance ideals.

Happy testing!

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