Insights UX/UI Refactoring

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback on Insights since we launched v4.0 of the product in June 2018. We took it to heart and started iterating, improving Insights over the last couple of months. Today we’ve released a significant UX and UI refactor so a blog post to explain what’s changed is warranted.

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Webinar: Automated Load Testing Results Analysis

 Automated results analysis makes it easier to interpret your load test results and speeds up the process of finding and fixing performance issues. Load Impact Insights Performance Alerts pinpoint performance issues in your system under test and highlight test script issues.

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Automated Load Testing Results Analysis

Understanding your load testing results can be a challenge. Automated results analysis can really cut down on the time you spend poring over your test data to figure out where the bottlenecks are. In our user survey, we found that automated results analysis is the second most wanted capability for a load testing solution. 

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