5 Best Practices for Ecommerce Website Peak Performance

Now's the time when you are coming down to the wire on making sure that your e-commerce website is ready for the holiday rush. It's t-minus 66 days until Black Friday and even fewer days until the beginning of "Black Friday week," when many online retailers will start their sales.

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Load Testing, Performance Testing, Stress Testing

No matter how experienced you are, it’s easy to get terms mixed, confused, and misunderstood. To help, we’ve prepared this brief primer on performance testing vs stress testing to define these common terms (and a few others). You may still hear some of these terms used interchangeably, but at least now you have ammunition to correct others when you’re feeling pedantic. <grin> Let’s start with load testing.

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Load Testing and Teams: DevOps Best Practices

The secrets to an effective DevOps team are communication and collaboration. This is especially true in load testing.

 The #1 best practice we recommend with your regular load testing is to set pass/fail triggers with your automated build processes. (We’ve talked about that elsewhere.) As part of those triggers, failure notifications should be set up in a shared communications channel.

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Optimize Your Work with Load Testing Strategies

As with so many things in life, best practices in load testing apply well to optimizing your work and your workday. You can find productivity hacks anywhere, including in your load testing habits. Here’s our take:

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