Performance Testing Vs. Performance Tuning

Performance testing is often mistaken for performance tuning. The two are related, but they are certainly not the same thing. To see what these differences are, let’s look at a quick analogy.

Most governments mandate that you bring your vehicles to the workshop for an inspection once a year. This is to ensure that your car meets the minimum safety standards that have been set to ensure it is safe for road use.

A website performance test can be likened to a yearly inspection — It ensures that your website isn’t performing terribly and should perform reasonably well under most circumstances.

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Our transition to Ember 1.13

With this post we want to share the changes we made to migrate to the latest version of Ember.js: Ember 1.13. Although most of the issues are called out (via the Ember Inspector browser extension) by the deprecation system and clearly detailed in the respective transition guides, this information may be of interest to other application developers.

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Determining Concurrent Users in Your Load Tests

tl;dr — This post is about using Google Analytics to determine how many concurrent users to specify in your load tests.

  • "Hourly Sessions x Average Session Duration (in seconds) / 3,600" is the formula we recommend to get started
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Drones: Can Mainstream Developers Make the Transition?

We use our blog to talk about all things technology, and back in August we took a look at the rapidly growing drone industry and it's technology drivers. As we've seen with many other industries, the key driver for innovation is software. Now, let's take a closer look at the popular software technologies used in the drone industry today.

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Optimizing Application Security Through Bad Behavior

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Best Productivity Tools for Startups

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— The following post was written by Carly Gerson from TheSquareFoot, a technology-fueled commercial real estate brokerage startup based in New York City.

Every boss dreams about having his or her company getting work done at a faster pace without losing quality. While increasing productivity may seem impossible at times, we’ve compiled a list of tools we use at TheSquareFoot to make your day easier and more efficient.

Slack: Are you having a hard time tracking down your coworkers? Don’t waste another second hunting them down. Slack is an instant messaging tool for the office that increases productivity immensely. With the ability to chat privately with one individual coworker, create a themed chat room for a few members, or a general chat for company wide announcements, Slack’s got you covered.

Hubspot: This inbound marketing and sales software startup went public in 2014, and it’s easy to see why. Alongside myriad marketing automation functions, Hubspot is a fantastic social media assistant. The social media management function of Hubspot works by scheduling tweets and other posts in advance. Write tweets or posts and schedule the date and time and then… forget about it. Schedule tweets as far in advance as you need. No need to worry who’s going to tweet today, Hubspot has it under control.

Sonos: We’ve heard that listening to music increases productivity, but we all know how much time you waste trying to find the perfect song each day. Save yourself some time (and learn a little about your coworkers musical preferences) with Sonos. Once you buy the speakers, install the app and connect your music to the system. Listen to the playlists your coworkers have constructed or show off your own.

Buzzstream: In-house PR on its own is tough, and it can be especially challenging to search a website for a journalist’s contact information. In order to find the contact information you actually want or contact information for companies that fall under certain keywords, Buzzstream will gather all the emails/phone numbers you need in the time it would have taken you to search for one.

Expensify: Do you find yourself spending your own money at work for expenses that you shouldn’t be paying for? Are you constantly waiting to be reimbursed? If this is the case, check out Expensify. You can create an account for your office and enter what you paid for and how much. Now when you’re out and see something that you know your office needs, buy it without worrying about getting your money back.

Apto: As a team of brokers, we know that there is a lot to remember. Apto keeps our brokers organized and on their A Game. Apto helps our brokers manage a variety of tasks to make sure that they never need to worry about forgetting something.

Above all else, the best productivity tools for startups all have a few things in common — they can fit into any corporate framework, and they make life a little easier for everyone in your company.

Carly Gerson is on the content team at TheSquareFoot, the technology-fueled commercial real estate brokerage. Get your office the space it deserves.

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Regular Expression in the Real World

Regular expressions are patterns used to search or search and replace in a text.

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How to Combine Uptime Monitoring with Performance and Load Testing

Measuring an app's performance entails much more than calculating its uptime percentage; you must also quantify the user experience and business impact.

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Winning a Cloud Business Case Debate

Justifying cloud computing isn't always easy, and as the cloud continues to evolve, talking your bosses or cowrokers into making the switch isn't getting any easier.

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Building a Healthy Organizational Ecosystem

Bottomline Technologies is a company that provides cloud-based payment, invoice and banking solutions to corporations, financial institutions and bans around the world.

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