2 Ways to Introduce Randomness in Load Tests

Realism in your load testing scripts is paramount to collecting actionable performance data. You need your scripts to closely simulate real-world behavior, and that means every user is going to have different login credentials and spend varying amounts of time on each page.

One of the best ways to create a realistic user scenario and load test is to introduce randomness into your scripts.

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Load Impact Command Line Interface: Data Stores

Tl;dr — We recently released the Load Impact CLI to very positive reviews from our users (thanks, everyone). We’re big believers in constantly improving everything we produce, so we’re already pushing the newest update of the CLI: The ability to upload Data Stores.

  • You can upload Data Stores from the Load Impact CLI
  • This update is especially useful for companies who want to replace existing parameterized data in tests — companies who are running tests based off dynamic inventory lists, for example
  • The documentation for the Load Impact CLI is in this handy Github repo
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