Load Impact Meetup: Building Real-World Apps in Ember.js in No Time

Tl;dr — We're hosting an Ember-focused meetup at our HQ in Stockholm. The headline of the event is "Building real-world apps in Ember.js in no time" by Filippos Vasilakis.

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Our transition to Ember 1.13

With this post we want to share the changes we made to migrate to the latest version of Ember.js: Ember 1.13. Although most of the issues are called out (via the Ember Inspector browser extension) by the deprecation system and clearly detailed in the respective transition guides, this information may be of interest to other application developers.

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AngularJS vs. Backbone.js vs. Ember (Infographic)

Every now and then we take a break from developing the best performance and load testing tool on the planet to read about new trends, best practices and the overall state of website, app and API development.

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