Video: How to interpret your load testing results

Check out this webinar where we describe the most common patterns to follow when looking at results. We cover some other tips and tricks you can do to get the most out of your load testing results!

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Run states of the k6 Cloud Output Service (Insights)

Load Impact’s Insights allows you to stream the results of your local k6 test run to Load Impact’s cloud services. You can then view and analyze the result in the web browser. To do this you need a k6 cloud token (you can generate one from your Load Impact account when you join the insider program). You then run k6 locally with the -o cloud flag:

$ K6CLOUD_TOKEN=<your_token> k6 -o cloud script.js
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Learn How to Get Your AppDynamics Metrics in Load Impact Test Results

tl;dr — With a few quick steps, engineers who use AppDynamics as their Application Performance Monitoring solution can see server behavior in their Load Impact tests.

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What to Look for in Load Test Reporting: Six Tips for Getting the Data you Need

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