Load Testing Season coming up!

What did you get your application and infrastructure for Load Testing Season?

It's not October yet, but “Load Testing Season” is already upon us. While Load Testing Season isn’t as celebrated as Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, it’s overriding importance in the world of e-commerce is inarguable.

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Load Impact has Grown 247% Since 2011

A few weeks ago, we proudly announced that Load Impact was one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Sweden since 2011, according to Deloitte.

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Load Impact Among Top Tools Used By Performance Engineers

It's been a busy few weeks for Load Impact.

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Load Impact Named to Deloitte's 'Fast 50'

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Load Impact & New Relic: A Match Made in Web Performance Heaven

Great Scott. This is the future of load testing and server monitoring!

Our goal in life is to give developers and companies more insight into their website, app and API performance.

So, we’re proud to announce our latest integration with the gold standard in application performance monitoring: New Relic.

Load Impact users can now monitor New Relic Server and Application metrics in real time while running a Load Impact load test, giving them a clear picture of their application and infrastructure’s performance under load.

Oh yeah, and this integration is free for all users, regardless of subscription level.

Check out this article in our Knowledge Base to learn more about the New Relic integration.

“There’s a big overlap of users between Load Impact and New Relic. ” said Robin Gustafsson, Load Impact CTO. “This integration will give them much deeper insights, making it easier to correlate the results they get from their Load Impact tests with the actual performance of their applications.”

One of our most popular features is our real-time graphical interface. While developers have always been able to see server-side metrics when installing our Server Monitoring Agents, the process has gotten much easier for New Relic users with this integration.

For now, we’re collecting APDEX and CPU Usage Percent, but we’ll be collecting many more New Relic metrics later, so stay tuned for more announcements.

It's easy to start viewing New Relic metrics in your load tests

Later on, database, memory and disk metrics, as well as response times for specific application code functions/methods will be added.

“New Relic is one of the top data analytics companies in the tech sector, but it’s also simply one of the great companies in the world,” said Gustafsson. “Now that developers and testers can monitor their New Relic metrics in Load Impact during a load test, there’s no part of their app’s performance they won’t be able to optimize.”

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It's Load Testing Season

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Load Impact Wins Coveted ComputerWeekly Award

We know load testing isn't the sexiest technology out there, but you can ask any experienced entrepreneur or successful developer, and they'll tell you it's absolutely critical to the success of a digital product.

The function of performance and load testing can be overlooked at times, but that just makes us more excited when we're recognized by other industry thought leaders as an essential contributor to a client's prosperity.

The massively popular ComputerWeekly recently lauded Load Impact with the Best European Private Sector Project Award for our work with MTGx in preparation for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Check out the full article on ComputerWeekly here.

Catch more award-winning work by Load Impact work when founder Ragnar Lönn discusses the performance impact of HTTP/2 at Velocity NY Oct. 12-14. Use this coupon code — RAGNAR20 — for 20 percent off your pass. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

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Velocity NY: A Gratuitously Early Preview

Velocity NY is 75 days away, and we’re already super excited to meet the attendees, presenters and sponsors.

So, here’s a gratuitously early preview of a few presentations that are sure to be awesome.

HTTP/2 vs. HTTP/1.1: A Performance Analysis

HTTP/2 is on its way, and developers, ops, testers, QA and (of course) DevOps need to be ready for it.

This presentation focuses on the results of a study by Load Impact founder Ragnar Lönn alongside curl and libcurl founder Daniel Stenberg.

The Swedish duo’s study measures the performance impact of HTTP/2 and how user experience will differ between the two protocols.

And as a special treat for the audience, Lönn and Stenberg will be unveiling a free tool for that shows how any existing website will behave on HTTP/2.

The Chronicles of the Lion

While this presentation is the early front-runner for our favorite title of a talk, the substance is pretty great, too.

ING, the largest retail bank in the Netherlands, recently pivoted its development strategy to the DevOps methodology — and now they’re onto another step in evolving their software strategy — citing the popular Spotify model.

Presenters Ingrid Algra and Jan-Joust Bouwman are two IT leaders at ING who are helping implement the change in the massive bank.

Perhaps the best part of the presentation is that ING’s transition to this development strategy only started in April, so the findings will be fresh. Also, it’s important to consider they likely submitted this abstract to Velocity before making the change — which is a pretty confident move considering gigantic organizational changes are never easy!

Canary in the Coal Mine: Introducing a Deployment Process to the Enterprise

While DevOps and Continuous Delivery have been around for a while, many larger, more traditional companies are just now changing their software development strategy.

It’s been said many times that all companies are basically becoming software companies, and transitioning to agile and DevOps is the next wave of that evolution.

In this talk, Daniel Lockhart of Verizon Digital Media Services will lay out the old way of software deployment and describe the challenges he faced when implementing new processes at Verizon.

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Velocity 2015 in Santa Clara: Highlights

(Photo Courtesy of O'Reilly Conferences Flickr)

We love what we do, and there’s nothing better than engaging a conference with hundreds of like-minded people.

Velocity 2015, in beautiful Santa Clara, Calif., served as another reminder that not only are we in the right business, but we’re in a competitive space surrounded by brilliant professionals who genuinely care about making the Internet a better place for everyone.

After a weekend to think about all the great stuff we saw, here are a few highlights.

Securing Organizations through Bad Behavior

Speaker: Laura Bell, CEO of SafeStack

Overview: This talk challenged the audience to think like a hacker with bad intentions. What better way to secure your organization than to think about what you would want to steal — whether that’s money, information, etc.

We highly recommend you watch this presentation because not only is it incredibly thoughtful and informative, but we think you’ll really enjoy Laura’s style and delivery.

Putting Web Performance Best Practices Together

Speaker: Chris Love of Love2Dev

Overview: In this 90-minutes session, Chris covered the best practices in web performance optimization for single-page applications, which included info from his appropriately named book.

The presentation held the attention of a packed ballroom that seated at least 300 people, and even included a large group of standing-room only spectators.

Chris also provided one of Velocity’s most impactful visual highlights — a slide claiming "the web is obese" with some interesting statistics on the average website. Although, there might be something else in the picture that grabbed people’s attention.

DevOps Kung Fu for Everyone

Speaker: Adam Jacob, CTO of Chef

Overview: While Chef was at the forefront of the DevOps movement, Adam’s presentation was about how the methodology doesn’t really “belong” to anyone in particular. In fact, plenty of companies are now moving to DevOps, and it’s fair to say no two processes look the same.

Here’s Adam giving this presentation at ChefCon earlier this year. The information is great, and it’s definitely worth watching for a well-placed Dave Chappelle/Wu Tang Clan reference in the middle.

API Marketing

Speaker: Vanessa Meyer, Marketing Director at Load Impact

Overview: And last, but certainly not least, Load Impact’s Vanessa Meyer owned the main stage and talked about using APIs as a marketing tactic.

Vanessa taught attendees how in some cases an API is a company’s core product, and in other cases a company’s API can be used as an effective growth hacking tool.

Check out the presentation below, and feel free to leave comments if you want to chat about it.

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The Load Impact Session Recorder - Now Available as a Chrome Extension!

Start a load test with just a few clicks. Record all HTTP traffic and use the recordings to simulate real user traffic under realistic load.

The Load Impact Chrome extension will capture everything – every single thing being loaded into the browser as you click – including ads, images, documents, etc., so you get a far more accurate read of what’s going on.

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