Test Driven Development and CI using JavaScript [Part I]

In this tutorial, we will learn how to apply TDD (Test-Driven Development) using JavaScript code. This is the first part of a set of tutorials that includes TDD and CI (Continuous Integration) using JavaScript as the main language.

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Know your node.js

As part of a follow up to last months column about PHP vs Node.js, I hit some problems with Node under load.

As with all technologies, Node.js does have some limitations that may or may not be a problem for your specific use case.

If the last column about comparing PHP and Node.js had a deeper message, that message would be that if you want to scale you have to know your stack. To be completely clear, when I say stack I mean the layers of technology used to server http requests.

One of the most common stacks out there are simply called LAMP - (L)inux (A)pache2 (M)ySQL (P)HP (or Perl). You now see a lot of references to LNMP, where Apache2 is replaced with Nginx.

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Node.js vs PHP - using Load Impact performance testing to visualize node.js efficiency

It could be said that Node.js is the new darling of web server technology. LinkedIn has had very good results with it and there are places on the Internet that will tell you it can cure cancer.

In the mean time, the old work horse language of the Internet, PHP, gets a steady stream of criticism. and among the 14k Google hits for "PHP sucks" (exact term), people will say the most funny terrible things about the language while some of the critique is actually quite well balanced. Node.js introduces at least two new things (for a broader audience).

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