How to interpret your load test results

When you look at results, you will first want to start with the main graph, you can derive a lot of information from it!  By default, we will plot two metrics - Virtual Users (VUs) and Virtual User Load Time. By definition VU Load Time is a measure of how long it takes a virtual user to make all the HTTP requests during an iteration of the user scenario they are assigned to. If you are running a simple URL test, you’ll probably get results in milliseconds.  If you recorded a long journey with our chrome extension, you may be looking at minutes.  

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Understanding Performance Logs for Performance Tuning

We believe load tests are your performance guardians. If the minimum performance levels you’ve set aren’t met, a build should fail. Load testing is as important as unit and functional testing, and we run our load tests with every nightly build. No matter how small our code changes are, we use load tests as safety mechanisms to make sure we didn’t accidentally torpedo our performance with a small change. (Nowadays systems, apps and dependencies can be so complex it’s difficult to predict how any change will affect the rest of the system.)

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