Random Thoughts About Go

Load Impact is here to enhance your load testing and help you find performance bottlenecks in your applications. But we also like to give you helpful engineering tips across a broad spectrum of topics. Check out this post on Go — the programming language originally developed by Google engineers.

So, I’ve started learning a bit of Go, which seems to be a language in my taste (small, fast and not too high-level), but some things are a little tricky to wrap my head around. Like, me being an old C programmer, happily discovering pointers but then getting confused by not being able to do pointer arithmetics, by pointers getting dereferenced automatically, etc. Or some things around the package system that I haven’t quite grasped.

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DevOps without Monitoring and Measurement? Expect to Fail

One of the core benefits of DevOps is sharing code's performance with the entire development team throughout the entire development process.

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Second System Syndrome

This post is about a concept called Second System Syndrome, defined by Fred Brooks, in his book “The Mythical Man Month“:

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Different types of website performance testing - Part 3: Spike Testing

This is the third of a series of posts describing the different types of web performance testing. In the first post, we gave an overview of what load testing is about and the different types of load tests available. Our second post gave an introduction to load testing in general, and described what a basic ramp-up schedule would look like.

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