Release: k6 v0.21.0

v0.21.0 is here! 🎉

We're happy to see continued contributions from members of the community in this release, from 4 people outside of Load Impact this time around. A big thanks to the following people for contributing to this release: @antekresic, @cyberw, @danron and @jmccann. Also, thanks to everyone that contributed in other ways on Github, in Slack and for spreading the word about k6!

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Release: k6 v0.20.0

Lots of goodies in this release! 🎉

We are working towards a 1.0 release of k6, and as part of this release we've also published our roadmap for 2018 in the Github wiki. We welcome comments and discussion relating to the roadmap, both in the corresponding issues as well as in Slack.

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Load Impact Performance Thresholds

Tl;dr — More Load Impact customers than ever are continuously running load tests. In response, we’ve just shipped our “Performance Thresholds” feature. Now, engineers set Pass/Fail metrics for their scheduled tests in order to hone in on the data that’s most important to them. Here’s how we think that helps you:

  • The binary status of Pass/Fail metrics is great for automated Continuous Integration flows
  • Set thresholds for VU load time, page load time or any of your custom metrics
  • Know right away if a test passed or failed your expectations
  • Configure tests to abort when a metric fails and avoid completely crashing your application
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iPhone 5 - Apple was ready for it this time

Apple handled the load during iPhone 5-launch

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iPhone 5 - is Apple ready for it, part 2

It is now about 2 hours after the iPhone 5 was revealed. Apple Store has reopened after being taken offline to get updated with new content.

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2.0 Highlights

Load Impact 2.0 was released at the end of October (27th). The first few days after release were pretty chaotic, with lots of minor issues and some major ones, but having been involved in many big releases during my career I have to say that this one went pretty well actually. The system was up and functional most of the time, the first few days post-release, and that isn't bad at all :-)

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