A Performance Lesson from Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go had serious performance issues upon release, but it looks like they’ve overcome those en route to becoming arguably the most popular game in the world in 2016.

Now ask yourself, would my application be able to recover from bad performance and pull off a similar feat?

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New Relic Metrics in Your Load Tests

Tl;dr — We just updated our New Relic integration. You’ll be able to find more performance bottlenecks than ever before.

  • In the application code or database transactions: Find where you can optimize your web performance
  • More metrics means you’ll make better decisions
  • You’ll see your New Relic metrics in our graphical interface during live load tests
  • If you need help getting started with the New Relic integration, this Support article will help you!
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Learn How to Get Your AppDynamics Metrics in Load Impact Test Results

tl;dr — With a few quick steps, engineers who use AppDynamics as their Application Performance Monitoring solution can see server behavior in their Load Impact tests.

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