Why Developers Insist on Being Measured on Software Performance

How do you set your performance metrics for your personal performance reviews? What do other developers do? Turns out, most prefer two performance-related metrics.

Every organization, every team, is a little bit different. Your personal job performance metrics might be different from your colleague’s, or your friend’s at another company.

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NYC Tech Events: NYC Testers

— Load Impact is constantly on the hunt for the best meetups and conferences around New York City. In this new blog series, NYC Tech Events, we talk about some of the tech-focused events around the city that feature great speakers and promote the sharing of ideas from professionals of all skill levels.

At Load Impact, performance and load testing is our passion, but the software testing industry as a whole has a depth and complexity all its own.

Whether you’re testing for performance, usability or functionality, we all live under the same umbrella, and the goal for the NYC Testers meetup group is to give testers in the city a place to share ideas, learn and meet like-minded people.

“Before the NYC Testers meetup was started, I was looking for a home,” said Tony Gutierrez, a co-organizer of the group. “The fact that I can help contribute to the meetup and meet other people in the community helps with career development and growth as a tester. It’s something for me to look forward to every month.”

Gutierrez, an experienced QA engineer, didn’t really have that “home” where he could meet fellow testers because meetups and conferences focused on the industry were few and far between.

Then, during CAST 2014 in New York, Kate Falanga and Anna Royzman decided they would help create that community in the city.

“There were a lot of testers from New York City at the conference (CAST),” Falanga said. “But we realized there wasn’t a great community for all of us yet.”

At one of the first meetups, Falanga, Royzman (and former co-organizer Perze Ababa) asked attendees if they would like to help organize, and that’s how Gutierrez ultimately joined the team.

And that development seems to characterize the overarching theme of NYC Testers: Real interactions with the testing community while building a meaningful, inclusive culture.

While Falanga, Gutierrez and Royzman organize the events, book speakers and secure venues, they are quick to point out that the most important aspect of the meetups is the community.

NYC Testers offers different formats for each monthly event, including workshops, group problem-solving sessions, keynote speakers, lightning talks, and whatever else the group is interested in.

As far as where they see the community going in the coming months and years, they agree that’s not for them to decide.

“Really, we’re looking at our community for where they want to go,” Falanga said. “It’s up to the community to decide that, and it’s our role to support it.”

NYC Testers' next event, the September Testers Meetup, starts at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Simulmedia office in Greenwich Village. The meetup will be keynoted by Mark Tomlinson of the PerfBytes podcast. He'll be talking about his "worst mistakes in performance testing," and if it's anything like the PerfBytes podcast, it promises to be very entertaining.

If you're looking for another great performance-based event in NYC, come to our first meetup in the city Oct. 15 near Madison Square Park. We'll be talking about HTTP/2 and the future of the web performance industry. There will also be free pizza and beer, so you're welcome to come for that, too.

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How Will the Apple Watch Impact Software Testing?

The Apple Watch has been greeted with a mix of fanfare and skepticism.

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What We Have Learned in Testing and New Developments in Agile Testing

"'Agile testing' is nonsense. Agile is testing." — José Díaz, quoting fellow agile development expert Andrea Tomasini in this Q&A on InfoQ.

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Moving to the Cloud: A Data Driven Approach to Evaluating Cloud Services

Many companies are driven by fast-paced applications that start small but quickly outpace even the most optimistic projections. Some of the most successful startups have grown from a self-hosted app with a few hundred users to millions of users in a few years - if not months.

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Saving Your Super Bowl Bacon: How One Advertiser Performance Tested Early and Avoided Disaster

During Super Bowl XLVII, Coca Cola, Axe, Sodastream, Calvin Klein had their hands full. Not so much serving online visitors as running around looking for quick fixes for their crashed websites. As reported by Yottaa.com, no fewer than 13 of the companies that ran ads during that Super Bowl saw their websites crash just as they needed them the most.

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Scenario Testing: Four Tips on How to Manage Effectively

This article was originally written for Software Testing Professionals.

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Test Driven Development and CI using JavaScript [Part II]

This is the second half of a two part article on Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration (CI) using JavaScript. Part I covers different types of testing and approaches to Test Driven Development (TDD).

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Test Driven Development and CI using JavaScript [Part I]

In this tutorial, we will learn how to apply TDD (Test-Driven Development) using JavaScript code. This is the first part of a set of tutorials that includes TDD and CI (Continuous Integration) using JavaScript as the main language.

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[NEW RELEASE] Mobile Performance Testing - Including Network and Client Emulation

Today, we introduced the first true cloud-based load testing Software as a Service for mobile apps, APIs and websites that can simulate traffic generated from a variety of mobile operating systems, popular browsers, and mobile networks – including 3G, GSM and LTE.

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