Netflix Vows to Shut Down Proxy Users Who Bypass Country Restrictions

One of the trickiest parts about operating in the SaaS space is that you're always going to run into smart people who want to circumvent rules and restrictions.

In this highly publicized case, people have been using VPNs to access country-specific content on Netflix from different areas.

We get ...

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EU has Pumped $1.1B into Startup Funds this Year

The European Commission announced this week that its already invested $1.1 billion into venture capital funds this year — and it's safe to assume there's more to come.

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Octopus Ventures is Launching a New $140 million fund for European Tech Startups

Business Insider UK is reporting that Octopus Ventures is launching a new $140 million (£92 million) fund called "Octopus Opportunities."

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Girls In Tech Initiates Startup Competition for Women in Indonesia

The Girls in Tech organization is one of our favorite groups in the world.

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Velocity NY Preview: Evan Gilman of PagerDuty

Imagine a world with no perimeter firewalls (Photo Courtesy of

— This is Part 5 of Load Impact’s Velocity NY Preview Series. Load Impact is chatting with some of the cutting-edge developers and executives who will be speaking at Velocity NY Oct. 12-14.

O’Reilly Media prides itself on organizing conferences that feature interesting speakers with a wide range of expertise and the ability to look beyond the status quo.

Evan Gilman, an operations engineer at PagerDuty, the downtime-fighting operations performance software, is redefining the norm when it comes to network architecture in his Velocity NY session, Perimeter-less networks: The Death of the LAN.

“I’ve found that people hold on to private address space and centralized security management quite strongly — almost with a death grip,” Gilman said. “My goal is to show attendees that it’s OK to let go of your private address space.”

For years, there was a sense of security behind private networks, VPN tunnels and perimeter firewalls, but Gilman says those days are long gone now that the best and brightest companies are operating in the cloud.

So, Gilman urges companies to tear down the firewalls and private networks, and as the title of his talk suggests, he thinks companies should be employing a “perimeter-less” approach.

What Inspired This Idea?

In Gilman’s previous work as a network engineer, he gained a lot of experience working with working with large, publicly addressable networks. He formed “kind of a distaste” for private networks in that time, and that’s when he started to expand on his ideas for how any business could operate on a public network.

When Gilman got to PagerDuty, he had the freedom to explore his ideas and execute his plan to completion. He described it as “a breath of fresh air.”

“I have the opportunity to remove private address space,” Gilman said. “And I also have the opportunity to take that one step further and get rid of perimeter firewalls and the things that typically become choke points or single points of failure inside of a network infrastructure.”

Gilman said one of the many things he’s enjoyed about working at PagerDuty has been the freedom to tackle this project.

“We can take this publicly addressable network and make it even better,” Gilman said. “We can remove all the topology. We can do point-to-point everywhere. So, the needs of the PagerDuty infrastructure were the impetus for our [network] design and the talk, as well.”

The Session

Gilman said the talk is going to give some real insight into how he and PagerDuty have taken on this architecture pivot, and he’s ready to be met with some hesitance.

“I tell people what we’re doing with our current architecture, and they’re usually very surprised,” Gilman said. “Well, we’ve found a lot of success with this, and we think there is a lot less complexity in this model than the other models that people are kind of married to.”

Gilman’s session is on the final day of Velocity, and he’s hoping to inspire a few people before they head back home from the conference.

“Hopefully I can drum up some excitement about this,” Gilman said. “I think it’s the future, and it makes a lot more sense than what most companies are doing now.”

— Attend this session and many more at Velocity NY. Use this coupon code — RAGNAR20 — for 20 percent off your pass. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

Contact us anytime on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and let us know if you’re attending Velocity. We’re always happy to meet up and chat.

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What Makes a DevOps Unicorn?

Ah, the unicorn. Our favorite (fake) animal to describe a company that created a great product, found traction and made a bunch of money.

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Sweden steps up effort to attract more startups

Stockholm has already garnered a lot of attention over the last few months as being a startup-friendly city, and now the Enterprise and Innovation Minister of Sweden says he has plans to further the area's reputation. The question is, how specifically can the government foster that growth?

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Discounted Ticket to Velocity NY + A Free Load Impact Shirt

While conferences and events are one of the most fun parts of our job, we know buying passes for dozens of events each year can be costly.

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Best Productivity Tools for Startups

Photo courtesy of

— The following post was written by Carly Gerson from TheSquareFoot, a technology-fueled commercial real estate brokerage startup based in New York City.

Every boss dreams about having his or her company getting work done at a faster pace without losing quality. While increasing productivity may seem impossible at times, we’ve compiled a list of tools we use at TheSquareFoot to make your day easier and more efficient.

Slack: Are you having a hard time tracking down your coworkers? Don’t waste another second hunting them down. Slack is an instant messaging tool for the office that increases productivity immensely. With the ability to chat privately with one individual coworker, create a themed chat room for a few members, or a general chat for company wide announcements, Slack’s got you covered.

Hubspot: This inbound marketing and sales software startup went public in 2014, and it’s easy to see why. Alongside myriad marketing automation functions, Hubspot is a fantastic social media assistant. The social media management function of Hubspot works by scheduling tweets and other posts in advance. Write tweets or posts and schedule the date and time and then… forget about it. Schedule tweets as far in advance as you need. No need to worry who’s going to tweet today, Hubspot has it under control.

Sonos: We’ve heard that listening to music increases productivity, but we all know how much time you waste trying to find the perfect song each day. Save yourself some time (and learn a little about your coworkers musical preferences) with Sonos. Once you buy the speakers, install the app and connect your music to the system. Listen to the playlists your coworkers have constructed or show off your own.

Buzzstream: In-house PR on its own is tough, and it can be especially challenging to search a website for a journalist’s contact information. In order to find the contact information you actually want or contact information for companies that fall under certain keywords, Buzzstream will gather all the emails/phone numbers you need in the time it would have taken you to search for one.

Expensify: Do you find yourself spending your own money at work for expenses that you shouldn’t be paying for? Are you constantly waiting to be reimbursed? If this is the case, check out Expensify. You can create an account for your office and enter what you paid for and how much. Now when you’re out and see something that you know your office needs, buy it without worrying about getting your money back.

Apto: As a team of brokers, we know that there is a lot to remember. Apto keeps our brokers organized and on their A Game. Apto helps our brokers manage a variety of tasks to make sure that they never need to worry about forgetting something.

Above all else, the best productivity tools for startups all have a few things in common — they can fit into any corporate framework, and they make life a little easier for everyone in your company.

Carly Gerson is on the content team at TheSquareFoot, the technology-fueled commercial real estate brokerage. Get your office the space it deserves.

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