An... other load testing tool?

As some may already know, Load Impact recently let loose upon the world yet another load testing tool - k6

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How Will the Apple Watch Impact Software Testing?

The Apple Watch has been greeted with a mix of fanfare and skepticism.

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What We Have Learned in Testing and New Developments in Agile Testing

"'Agile testing' is nonsense. Agile is testing." — José Díaz, quoting fellow agile development expert Andrea Tomasini in this Q&A on InfoQ.

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5 Lessons Learned After Self-Hosting Goes Haywire

When things start to go wrong it can sometimes be impossible to contain the unravelling - as if the problematic situation quickly gains momentum and begins to 'snowball' into an even worse situation.

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Test Driven Development and CI using JavaScript [Part I]

In this tutorial, we will learn how to apply TDD (Test-Driven Development) using JavaScript code. This is the first part of a set of tutorials that includes TDD and CI (Continuous Integration) using JavaScript as the main language.

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Different types of website performance testing - Part 3: Spike Testing

This is the third of a series of posts describing the different types of web performance testing. In the first post, we gave an overview of what load testing is about and the different types of load tests available. Our second post gave an introduction to load testing in general, and described what a basic ramp-up schedule would look like.

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