Don’t Overlook B2B Performance

When we talk about load testing, it’s easy to focus on consumer e-commerce. It’s convenient for examples, and we can all think of straightforward ways load testing might benefit during peak seasons like Black Friday. But you, as a developer, are doing yourself and your company a disservice if you’re focusing entirely on your consumer customer experience. Don’t overlook your B2B (business-to-business) performance as well.

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A Performance Lesson from Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go had serious performance issues upon release, but it looks like they’ve overcome those en route to becoming arguably the most popular game in the world in 2016.

Now ask yourself, would my application be able to recover from bad performance and pull off a similar feat?

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Performance as an SEO and Advertising Booster

Tl;dr — Performance is a key factor in how likely your Google ads and organic results will be seen and how much you need to spend. It's just another reason why we're building a performance testing solution to help you ship better applications, faster.

This article covers how Google puts a premium on speed + performance and the nitty gritty of how your Google Ad Rank is impacted by those factors.

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Webinar: How to Manage Dynamic Values in Your Load Tests

Tl;dr — We’re hosting a webinar at 1 p.m. EST June 15: “How to Manage Dynamic Values in Your Load Tests.”

  • In order to create the most realistic user scenarios possible, you need to include dynamic values
  • This webinar will be about an hour long and include a Q-and-A
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Tutorial: Creating Realistic Load Tests with Advanced Mode

Tl;dr — Your script is basically the brain of your load test. We’re always looking for ways to empower our users to write load testing scripts that provide actionable web performance data. We recently hosted a webinar that shows users how to use our “Advanced Mode” to write better scripts and get better data. In this tutorial, we’ll cover:

  • Using our Chrome Extension to create load testing scripts
  • Naming conventions in your scripts to make page data easily identifiable
  • Why validating your load testing scripts is absolutely essential
  • The importance of sleep time in your scripts
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Under Construction

Our blog is undergoing some changes

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Study Shows HTTP/2 Can Improve Website Performance Between 50-70 Percent

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HTTP/2 vs. HTTP/1.1: A Performance Analysis

If you're not yet familiar with HTTP/2, it's the updated version of HTTP — which is the protocol that delivers us websites over the Internet. Simply put, HTTP/2 was designed to help websites load faster by opening a bigger line of communication between the sites and servers. Check out this great article from Engadget for a little more background.

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Discounted Ticket to Velocity NY + A Free Load Impact Shirt

While conferences and events are one of the most fun parts of our job, we know buying passes for dozens of events each year can be costly.

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Velocity NY: A Gratuitously Early Preview

Velocity NY is 75 days away, and we’re already super excited to meet the attendees, presenters and sponsors.

So, here’s a gratuitously early preview of a few presentations that are sure to be awesome.

HTTP/2 vs. HTTP/1.1: A Performance Analysis

HTTP/2 is on its way, and developers, ops, testers, QA and (of course) DevOps need to be ready for it.

This presentation focuses on the results of a study by Load Impact founder Ragnar Lönn alongside curl and libcurl founder Daniel Stenberg.

The Swedish duo’s study measures the performance impact of HTTP/2 and how user experience will differ between the two protocols.

And as a special treat for the audience, Lönn and Stenberg will be unveiling a free tool for that shows how any existing website will behave on HTTP/2.

The Chronicles of the Lion

While this presentation is the early front-runner for our favorite title of a talk, the substance is pretty great, too.

ING, the largest retail bank in the Netherlands, recently pivoted its development strategy to the DevOps methodology — and now they’re onto another step in evolving their software strategy — citing the popular Spotify model.

Presenters Ingrid Algra and Jan-Joust Bouwman are two IT leaders at ING who are helping implement the change in the massive bank.

Perhaps the best part of the presentation is that ING’s transition to this development strategy only started in April, so the findings will be fresh. Also, it’s important to consider they likely submitted this abstract to Velocity before making the change — which is a pretty confident move considering gigantic organizational changes are never easy!

Canary in the Coal Mine: Introducing a Deployment Process to the Enterprise

While DevOps and Continuous Delivery have been around for a while, many larger, more traditional companies are just now changing their software development strategy.

It’s been said many times that all companies are basically becoming software companies, and transitioning to agile and DevOps is the next wave of that evolution.

In this talk, Daniel Lockhart of Verizon Digital Media Services will lay out the old way of software deployment and describe the challenges he faced when implementing new processes at Verizon.

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