Load Testing Prior to Holiday Season Rush Can Help Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate by up to 18%

The holiday shopping season is rapidly closing in and e-commerce sites and services all over the world are preparing for one of the busiest times of the year. With expected traffic spikes on November 29th - Black Friday and December 2nd - Cyber Monday.

That means load testing is more important than ever, and you should start moving forward with a load testing plan ASAP.

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The Demise of Healthcare.gov and the Importance of Testing

Most people have probably already heard about the less than successful launch of www.healthcare.gov, often colloquially referred to as the ‘Obamacare website’. Bloggers and news agencies quickly jumped on the bandwagon to point out every piece of available evidence that this project is deeply flawed in every single way. Fingers have been pointing and names have been called. And let’s not start talking about what ObamaCare’s political opponents have said.

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Website Owners’ Overestimation of User Capacity by 3.4 Times Kills Profits and Customer Retention

An e-commerce website that grinds to halt simply because there are too many customers attempting to gain access at one time is akin to a supermarket with no parking spaces and isles so narrow that only one shopper can enter at a time, while the rest sit outside waiting to enter and make a purchase.

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