Are You Who This Developer Survey Says You Are?

Posted by Load Impact on Apr 17, 2018

Like any developers, we like to think we know our customers and our ultimate users. The tricky part: our customers are developers like us. So when we see developer research, we think, “Can this be true? Does this really reflect our customers?”

Stack Overflow recently released its annual survey results, and we found some interesting insights. Let us know how well you think their results reflect what you’re really like.

E-Commerce and Retail Devs Less Experienced

We were first intrigued to see company type by industry. Our customers are spread across many, many industries, and largely professional developers (and testing pros). Thus, while e-commerce or retail (including B-to-B), is often a major component of developers’ job responsibilities, when Stack Overflow asked what industry developers were in, “Retail or eCommerce” represented only 5%. (It may have been more effective to talk about responsibilities and project types.)

In the analysis, Stack Overflow also gave this surprising insight:

“Developers working in industries such as consulting and healthcare have more years of professional coding experience. Developers in these industries are twice as likely to have [over] 20 years of experience than developers working in web development/design or eCommerce.”

This suggests that developers working in the retail or eCommerce segments are less experienced than others: does this reflect your experience? (See this section in the survey here)

Agile Methodologies Win

We were grateful to see that the vast majority of developers are using agile methodologies. Agile development implies (although doesn’t guarantee) usage of similar, agile-related methodologies like continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD).

We particularly like CI and CD because they mean developers can better integrate performance testing into their regular build processes - and better catch performance issues before they become major problems.

Stack Overflow reports 85.4% of developers use agile methodologies and 62.7% use Scrum. (Distant third: Kanban at 35.2%.) (See this section in the survey here)

Git & Commits

If there were still any question, Git has won the version control wars. 87% of all developers use Git for their version control.

Unsurprisingly, too, over 60% of developers commit (or check in) code multiple times a day. Those who do once a day are only 9% - and those who do a few times a week are 19%.

What’s the insight?  Most developers code - and often gauge their productivity by the number of code check-ins they perform. Stack Overflow noticed an interesting corollary as well.

Since the survey also asked about overall job satisfaction, it seems that those who check in code multiple times a day are slightly more likely to report more job satisfaction. Those who check in code less than once a month are slightly less satisfied, and, interestingly, right in the middle of the pack are those who “Never” check in code.

Note, however, that the variance between the most- and least-satisfied on that correlation is only 4.73 to 5.14 on a 1-7 scale (least-most), so it’s a minor correlation. Still, developers like to code. (See this section in the survey here)

Did you check out the latest survey? What did you discover?

Happy testing!

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